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Microsoft’s case against Samsung comes to light- Reveals interesting statistics

Rivalry among large technical titans like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft is not a new thing and war over patents and license is inevitable truth of their business. Now after Apple, Microsoft is having a sour relation with Samsung. Microsoft is reportedly obstinate to settle the matter and is marching towards the court to wage a new rivalry against Samsung for unpaid interest on royalty payment.

MS case against Samsung

The legal documents are now public and we got a glimpse of that. The reports reveal some real funny information. with in a span of July 1, 2010 to June 29, 2013, Microsoft spent around $29 billion on its Research and Development sector. Like Google, Microsoft also carries out experiments on evolving new technology. So the fact that they spend a good amount of money is already known but such a big amount- we literally never thought of. Some more statistics reveal that Microsoft has still over 73,000 issued and pending patents and more than 1100 licensing agreements. Moreover there are 75 companies that are licensing patents for Android use.

Microsoft case against Samsung

Samsung had a different point of view.They said that they refrained from payments because when Microsoft acquired Nokia, the cross licensing agreements was not applicable to the handsets that are being produced now, The patents applied on Nokia devices seemed objectionable to Samsung and hence their decision. However later on they changed their mind and only excluded the ‘interest’ on the funds that originally belong to Microsoft but held by Samsung. Microsoft reciprocated saying that the entire allegation is false and even if they are true, this is not the reason to refrain from making payments. So to understand simply, Samsung is accused of making late payments by Microsoft which the company is not doing giving the reason that the patents were applied to Nokia which did not come under the agreement signed. The amount claimed from Samsung is not known.

Microsoft case against Samsung

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