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Microsoft rumored to stop manufacturing Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is the health smart wear by Microsoft which was launched last year. Microsoft Band was dedicated mainly as a health and fitness accompaniment but now it’s being reported that Microsoft is stopping production of Microsoft Band for the time being. The company is planning to sell off the remaining pieces from their inventory and has no plan to restart it any sooner. Microsoft is now concentrating mainly on its succeeding version.

Microsoft rumored to stop manufacturing Microsoft Band

The news has come from Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin turner who announced that Microsoft is working on the successor of Microsoft Band, which is going to be names as Band 2. Even though Kevin has not commented on the date of release but a source has revealed that right now the company is carrying on vigorous testing procedures. So from this, it can be assumed that the upcoming version of Microsoft Band will be coming very soon.

According to gdgtarena, Unfortunately, it isn’t yet known if the company will be expanding the Band’s availability to more countries at launch with the Band 2. However, we suspect it’ll be available in the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries including France, and the Netherlands. Until then, tell us your expectations for the Band 2 in the comment section below!

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  1. lovely smart health from microsoft. it simple to use, functions are intutives and provides support to athletes. shame that Microsoft stopped its manufacture, but I guess the next version will be better.

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