Moto E3: Everything you need to know
Moto E3: Everything you need to know

Moto E3: Everything you need to know

Motorola has always been staunch about the fact that the Moto Series of handsets will be intended to provide smooth smartphone experience to the user in a budget. The brand launched Moto G, which was the cheapest Quad-core processor flaunting Android handset. Later, the brand dropped the price further and launched an even better value for money handset called Moto E. Such was the value for money factor Moto E3 that it went on to become even more popular then its elder sibling, Moto G. This year the handset will be entering its 3rd Generation and users are all anticipated to get a look at the newest entry level handset from the American brand. Here is all that is known about the upcoming handset so far.

Moto E3: Everything you need to know

Design of the handset will get a makeover

It has been a trend for Motorola to maintain the same design and build quality as Moto G for its Moto E handsets every year. This year, Moto G has received an impressive overhaul when it comes to the design with new camera and flash placement on the rear panel. We can expect the new handset to come with the same impressive design as that of Moto G. However, the device will be missing the square fingerprint scanner that features on the front panel of Moto G4 Plus. The handset will also feature the signature Nano coating on the body for water repelling and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 layer on the display.

Bigger and better display to feature on it

If there was one disappointing thing about Moto E 2nd Generation, it was the display that was retained from the first generation Moto E. The 4.5-inch display on the front panel with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels felt rather dull and was not an enjoyable experience. However, it is being speculated that the Moto E3 will be coming with a bigger and better display. If speculations are to be believed, it will come flaunting a 5-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. The resulting pixel density will make the display quit sharp and a delight to look at.

Performance to be retained or bumped

Motorola E devices have always been decent performers owing to their stock Android operating system and good processors. However, this time around it is being speculated that the handset would come with the same specifications as that on the Moto E 2nd generation. Which is to say, it might comes with a Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB of RAM, which should perform pretty smooth on and average usage.

Cameras on the handset will be ramped up as well

One of the highlights of Moto series handsets have been the images produced by the cameras on rear and front panel. The first two generation of Moto E has been able to produce impressive images, all thanks to the hyper HDR mode, which is enabled by default and produces stunning contrast in images. Moto E3 is said to be coming with improved camera viz. 8 Megapixels snapper on the rear panel and 5 Megapixels on the front. Combine better camera module and auto HDR mode in the camera, we can only imagine the quality of the images.

Price to be maintained

Motorola Moto E Series handsets have always been an entry level device and the brand would not do anything to take away the value for money factor from the handset. Therefore, we can expect this handset to come with the same attractive price tag in India. If speculations are to be believed, Moto E3 price will come with a tag under INR 7,000 and will sell like hot cakes, yet again.

This is all that is known about the entry-level handset so far and the Internet is abuzz with the speculations about the upcoming handset. It is expected that the device will be launched in India during the festive season and all rumours will be put to end at that time.

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