Siri For MAC
Siri For MAC

New Apple Patent Shows Off Smartypants “Siri For Mac”

We know that the demarcation between iOS and OS X is diminishing gradually. On that context a new patent filing presents a detailed description of the desktop version of Siri- the voice assisted artificial intelligence. The desktop version is definitely going to be more versatile and extensive as compared to the mobile version of Siri. The patent for an “intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment” suggests that the basic layout to the Siri is similar to that of the mobile version. It can perform basic actions and accomplish them successfully and carry out extensive searches. The more you use the service the more it will increase its compatibility with you by observing and collecting hints.

New Apple Patent Shows Off Smartypants Siri For Mac

According to latest patents, Siri gets equipped with more advanced functionalities and will essentially cover up a major part of the keyboard and mouse gestures carried out presently. Furthermore it will be able to perform basic functions like copy, paste, or retrieve and move a bunch of files. Siri can even sort files by date, type and many more. You might avail all these feature in near future. Technically, Siri for Mac is expected use the same backend server that the mobile version uses. Siri will come as a standalone app on the desktop. When you click it, it starts immediately. If it’s idle and humming along in the background, you can simply wake it up by saying “Hey Siri.”

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