SNIPP3T by Microsoft
SNIPP3T by Microsoft

Microsoft releases SNIPP3T app; exclusive to iOS for now

Microsoft and Apple are rivals in smartphone and computer platform but when it comes to applications, Microsoft has always given priority to Apple. Microsoft has launched a new app known as SNIPP3T. This application is powered by Bing and the app has been made available to iTunes app store. So we can say that iOS is the first platform to offer this application.
The SNIPP3T Celebrity News app boosts your hunger of celebrity gossips. If you are an avid follower of magazines and websites that focus on page 3 news of celebrity and their lifestyles, this application is for you.

Microsoft releases SNIPP3T app

You can get plenty of celebrity news, trends, photos and videos using Bing. Celebrities, socialites and their media interactions are well covered in the app. Users can subscribe to them through this app and get full coverage on celebrity profiles and comment, like or dislike. There’s personalized news feed also which the users can customize according to their choice. But if you want to share or comment, you need to login through Facebook.

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