New Technologies: 5 Ways to Enjoy Them in Your Car

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A car is what we use every day. Trips to work, to the supermarket, or just to a picnic – we almost always start the engine and drive a car. Even while traveling, you would rather rent a Jeep at than travel by bus. And this is the right decision, because a rental car gives you complete freedom of action, and you can easily pick it up where you need it.

No matter how old your car is, you often get so used to it that you can feel uncomfortable sitting in another vehicle. But why are people inclined to sell not too old cars and buy more expensive new cars? Most often this is due to the improved safety of modern vehicles, achieved thanks to new electronic systems that can’t be found in old cars. But don’t rush to sell your completely reliable favorite car for the sake of new technologies. There is a solution. You can simply equip your used vehicle with the best advanced technologies installed on modern cars.

Collision Avoidance System and Lane Keeping Assistant

Most modern cars have a collision avoidance system onboard. This system warns the driver about the danger of a collision if you begin to approach another car too quickly. A collision avoidance system uses a camera or radar sensors to monitor vehicle traffic. Depending on the make and car model, the system, in addition to an audible warning, can activate automatic braking.

Today, the cost of this technology has decreased dramatically. As a result, you don’t have to buy a fresher car, because on the market at the moment there are many different collision avoidance and lane keeping assistant systems that can be installed on any car.

Rear View Camera

If you often rent a Jeep at and have experience in driving a high SUV or sports coupe, then you must have encountered difficulty viewing the space behind the vehicle. Recently, in modern cars, rear-view systems based on the transferring of video images to the screen of an infotainment system have become widespread. This was made possible thanks to the advent of portable video cameras that are resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.

The rear-view camera helps you easily park even in an uncomfortable place in the parking lot. The effectiveness of using rear view cameras is obvious. For example, over the course of several years, many countries plan to oblige all automakers to equip all their products with a rear-view camera.

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Bluetooth speakerphone

In most countries, drivers are prohibited from talking on a cell phone while driving a car. In order to safely and legally use a cell phone while driving, you need to use a speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset. But the headset is not very convenient. Therefore, it’s preferable to use a car speakerphone. But what if these systems are only introduced in new cars? Everything is very simple. You need to buy a speakerphone kit as additional equipment. Spend some money and you won’t only avoid unnecessary fines on the road, but also increase your safety.

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Tire Pressure Monitor System

Recently, in a number of countries at the state level there is a ban on the sale of cars without a tire pressure monitoring system. But what if your car is quite old and does not have such a device? We advise you to equip your vehicle with similar technology, which has saved many lives around the world. 

The fact is that the tire pressure monitoring system warns the driver about the danger in case of loss of pressure in the wheel, which allows you to react in time to an emergency on the road and stop the car in time. So get in your car a modern and very useful technology that allows you to monitor the condition of the tires on the go.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Do you know what is becoming a common cause of road accidents? According to statistics, a huge number of accidents occur due to carelessness when changing traffic lanes. This carelessness is associated with the presence of blind spots in any car that can’t be seen in the rear-view mirrors. As a result, when changing lanes, many inattentive and careless drivers don’t see in the rear-view mirrors that the lane is busy. In this case, as a rule, an accident occurs.

That is why many automakers began to equip their new cars with a Blind Spot Monitoring System. This technology gives the driver an ‘extra set of eyes’ that help them locate vehicles in the vehicle’s blind spots.

Most systems warn the driver with a red or orange icon on ​​the side mirrors. Usually, the icons are lit or blinking. Also, in many cars a warning about the danger when changing lane is duplicated on the dashboard.

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