Nokia Brand will be there
Nokia Brand will be there

Nokia reminds It’s not Dead Yet

The news that Microsoft is planning to phase off NOKIA brand name from all its devices in the coming months was evident after it purchased the Finnish brand at 3.2 billion pounds. Now the latest two Microsoft release of Lumia, i.e., 830 and 730 will be the last two phones to have the Nokia brand name inscribed on it and henceforth, Microsoft will drop off ‘Nokia’ in all the future releases.

Nokia reminds It's not Dead Yet

During the acquisition process of Nokia’s devices and service business, it secured a license agreement to continue using the brand name ‘Nokia’ until 25th November, 2015. But Microsoft is planning to do this long before, in this year only. So, apparently Nokia is believed to exist no more after this thereby losing its glory in the past years.

But the Finnish company is continuously reminding to the world that Nokia is still not dead. Though it shows its concern about selling the mobile phone business to Microsoft but it claims to be financially sounder and stronger as a company.
Though it agrees that today it is not what it used to be a few years back, the top mobile phone selling company in the world but it surely is very much alive. It has been working on the development of 5G network which is expected to go live in Finland next year in the very beginning.

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