sound of an atom
sound of an atom

Sound of an Atom captured, says scientists

A very interesting topic has been published in the journal named Science where scientist revealed that it had been made possible to record the sound of an atom. Göran Johansson, the co-author of the paper published today in Science made a lot of interesting statements. he said that when an atom gets excited, it creates a faint sound by releasing a phonon. Johansson claims that this is the weakest sound wave generated in that frequency.

Sound of an Atom captured

The sound amplitude, or strength, is very weak.

How can the sound of an atom be detected?
Johansson says:

These can then be detected using low-temperature microwaving amplifiers. It’s the same technology we use to read out superconducting qubits

Now if you are wondering why is such a faint sound of immense importance, then let me tell you, it will open a new horizon to the world of quantum sound, where quantized packets of sound-phonons can be used instead quantized packets of light.

Source: Motherboard

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