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How to Turn Off Facebook Live Video Notifications?

Facebook Live Video was launched months back, where celebrities could interact with their fans via Live videos. The feature has been made for general users few weeks back. Any user can now broadcast Live video to his/her friends. Since, Live videos push notifications, users get notified whenever any user is broadcasting live video. This often seems disturbing as we might not be interested in watching Live videos of each and every person on our friend list. In that case, the only way out is turning off Notifications for Live videos. Check out the article below:

How to Turn Off Facebook Live Video Notifications?

1. First, login to your Facebook account, and click on the arrow beside your profile name. Click on Settings.

select user

2. In the left panel, go to Notifications tab.


3. Now find out “On Facebook” menu. Click on Edit beside it.


4. Now scroll down and find out Live Videos.


5. Now click on the drop down box and choose the correct alternative “ALL OFF”.


That’s all!

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