NuAns showcases a new phone to be announced on February 20

Japanese mobile manufacturer NuAns is showcasing a new phone which has been teased on the company website and will be launched on February 20, 2017. Not much details could be fetched from the website. All it’s displaying is a black rectangular phone with some quotes written in Japanese language. Users who do not know Japanese, the tag line says, “Everything new. All in One”. It also informs you that more information will be revealed on the stipulated date, that is February 20.

nu ans

NuAns is a popular phone making company and owes its popularity to Windows 10 Mobile flagship device the Neo. Many people are anticipating that this phone may be an efficient successor to the Neo. But some other sources are revealing that NuAns is bringing an Android device this time. Till now, NuAns has only invested its resources on Windows 10 Mobile. Hence, we are skeptical as why the company is manufacturing an Android device instead.

This Japan based company had a Kickstarter campaign that spread the popularity of the Neo to other parts of the world. But it only reached $142,368 of its $725,000 goal. In an interview, NuAns president expressed his disdain with Windows 10 Mobile platform. He also dded that Microsoft had implied that it would be bigger than it was. When he was asked whether the new handset will be an Android device or not, he bypassed the question. Since, he did not express any committment towards the Windows 10 Mobile platform, we can understand about the news speculating regarding the Android handset.

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