OnePlus announces contest for naming its custom ROM
OnePlus announces contest for naming its custom ROM

OnePlus announces contest for naming its custom ROM

OnePlus has started a new contest to name its custom ROM. The story started when OnePlus was banned from India becuase Micromax bought the rights to use the CyanogenMod ROM in India. Hence an injuction was filed against OnePlus which primarily banned the advent of OnePlus One from India. So OnePlus has thought to bypass the issue and resolve it by implementing its own custom ROM. It has presented several builds and now the contest is a further step to familiarize with the public.

OnePlus announces contest for naming its custom ROM

The contest details and rules are stated below from OnePlus’s forum page:

How to Enter:

Enter your proposed name for our ROM on this Google form. Please only enter one name per form submission. On December 31st, the OnePlus team will choose our favorite 10 suggestions. Each of the 10 finalists will receive a OnePlus Power Bank.

10 finalists will also be chosen from From the combined 20 finalists, 1 grand-prize winner will be chosen by the OnePlus team. Winner will be announced on January 11th, 2014.

This will become the official name of the OnePlus ROM. If a winning name is selected from these forums, the user who suggested the winning name will receive the following:
One (1) 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One

One (1) trip (round trip airfare and hotel) to Hong Kong to visit our headquarters in Shenzhen, where you’ll get to meet our team (along with our CEO, @Pete).

You can suggest as many names as you’d like, but you are only eligible to win ONE OnePlus Power Bank. If a winning name was proposed more than once, the user who suggested the name first will be selected as the winner. OnePlus reserves the right to not choose any of the proposed names from this contest.

Become part of OnePlus history by giving our ROM its namesake. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Thank you being a member of the OnePlus family.

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