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OxygenOS finally arrives for OnePlus One

One Plus One has finally brought the OxygenOS like a trial OS. One-place has been discussing for lying about reducing dependence on the CyanogenMod ROMs. Hence, it has made its own Android Lollipop based custom ROM. It is known as OxygenOS. The OS can be downloaded from OnePlus’s official website and users can flash their phone with the new OS. Right now there is no automatic update available to upgrade the current OS to OxygenOS.

OxygenOS finally arrives for OnePlus One

From the video it is seen that the OxygenOS provides users with a plethora of customizable features. The user interface looks like that of Lollipop but with enhanced features. The quick settings drop down list will allow users to arrange icons of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data etc.

According to OnePlus, amid all companies competing to make their own custom ROMs, they also want to make a mark of their own by going deep into enhancing the basic requirements. A user craves for a good battery life, a stable performance with OxygenOS and not on bloated features. Right now, OnePlus One will provide a feedback app where users can submit feedback or complaints. Check out the video below.

Source: OnePlus

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  1. At this point, OxygenOS is pretty simple: it doesn’t have many of the frills associated with OEM skins, nor the value-added features of even CM11S. Instead, its barebones approach to stock Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ensures it performs quickly and reliably.

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