Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Newbies

You’ve heard about Progressive Web Apps, but what are they? Why should you care? If the term “Progressive Web App” sounds like an uninspiring title for an app, that’s because it is, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in learning how these little gems work and how to implement them on your website. This post will cover some of the basics of a PWA and how you can get started with it.

What Is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that can be accessed and used like an app. It’s a web app that can be installed on a mobile device and accessed offline. A Progressive Web App is a website that is enhanced with modern web capabilities, giving it many functionalities you’d expect from native apps. 

PWAs are designed to work well across different browsers, devices, and screen sizes without needing to install an app. In other words, PWAs combine the speed and performance of native apps with the reach of the open web to provide compelling user experiences on any device — while simultaneously improving engagement metrics such as retention rate or customer lifetime value (LTV).

Why Should You Care?

If you’re still not sure why PWAs should matter to you, here are a few reasons why we think they should:

  • They’re faster than native apps. PWAs can load faster because they run in the browser and don’t require downloading and installing on your device. This feature or aspect of PWAs is handy for users with slow internet connections or spotty data services.
  • They’re more secure than native apps because of how they function. Plus, they only request permission when needed instead of asking for access at every turn (or worse, not asking at all), which is how many other mobile applications work today. 

This feature helps maintain user trust by allowing them to make informed decisions about their privacy and security before granting access to any sensitive information contained within those applications. This is something that’s often overlooked in today’s world, where people tend to move toward convenience over security concerns. Bear in mind that more and more online services these days are requesting more information from users to use their apps.

  • PWAs offer an improved user experience over standard web pages because they appear more like traditional applications when installed onto a device. You can now include features such as push notifications within them without building separate versions for different platforms (which would otherwise require developers).

PWA Is the Future: Where Do You Get Started?

A good place to start is the Google Lighthouse tool. Google Lighthouse tool is an open-source project that analyzes your website for performance and accessibility. It can also help you identify common mistakes and suggestions for improvement. This feature makes it an excellent place to start when looking at what needs to be done to ensure your site loads properly on mobile devices. 

Among all its benefits, overall, Progressive Web Apps make your business more profitable by increasing customer engagement with your brand.

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