NBN Australia

Pros and Cons of The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN)

NBN Australia

Ever since it came out, the Australian NBN (National Broadband Network), has been a controversial subject. Some people are doing just fine with it, being very pleased with the overall quality and speed of the Internet connection that is being provided to them. But on the other side, there are those people who can’t put up with the NBN concept, and it just does not work properly in their households.

In this article, we will dig into the positive and also negative aspects that come once you make the mandatory switch from your traditional Internet connection to the NBN one.


List of Pros

  1. One group of people that can really enjoy the change that comes once with the NBN, are the employees that work in offices. The NBN is the perfect environment to keep in contact with your workmates at all times, given the fact that it provides a strong connection that sustains video calls and conferences. It is automatically very beneficial for those who want to work from home, especially those who live long distances from their workplace.
  2. It is promised that when the entire process will be done, in 2020, more than 90 per cent of Australians will have access to faster, cheaper internet connection. Even the people who live in the rural areas will be able to conduct online activities more efficiently.
  3. Australia is the only nation in the world who provides its inhabitants with this kind of high-speed broadband network. After the work is done, Australia will be amongst the top 5 countries in the world, that are broadband enabled.
  4. People at Telstra will no longer be responsible for the infrastructure of the broadband, given the fact that NBN will take that out of their hands.


List of Cons

  1. One of the thing that scares most Australians is the fact that the process of connecting the entire nation to the NBN is taking far too long. What if by the time the NBN installation process is done, the technology that is being used will already be outdated? Will they start all over again?
  2. One of the most attractive aspects when it comes to the NBN, is that the NBN providers will make you better offers than you were used to when you were provided with a traditional Internet connection. But when it comes to the actual costs of the project, the costs are estimated to be around 30 billion dollars. Unfortunately, all this money will be provided by the citizens.
  3. People who live in the urban areas, will have a responsibility to provide money for those living in rural areas, so they can also use broadband services.
  4. When it comes to connection types, there are a few issues. One would be the fact that the locations where the FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connection type will be available, are very limited. When it comes to the FTTN (Fibre to the Node), the use of copper reduces the maximum speed available, and that’s definitely not very convenient.

This technology comes with good things and bad things, but it’s definitely a step forward. Nobody will know for sure how things will go down once the entire process is done, and that’s gonna be after the year 2020.

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