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Prynt can convert phone into a picture-printing Polaroid camera

Company Prynt has been working on a concept that would convert a mobile phone into an image printing polaroid camera since January. Now they seem to have found the light of the day with their device. The French company is trying to implement the Bluetooth technology in directly sending a picture taken from the mobile camera to the Prynt case that will convert the image into polaroid and the image is printed by the process of paper heating with ink.

Prynt can convert phone into a picture-printing Polaroid camera

Mobile phones are frequently used for taking pictures and selfies and the idea of instantly printing polaroid images from it is appreciable. The time needed to transfer an image is 50 seconds which is approximately 1 minute. Presently, the case holds only a single piece of printing paper. These two pints are definitely negative and improvements are being done on them. But Prynt claims to bring down the transfer time to 30 seconds and provide 30 papers in the final product. So, we are definitely looking forward to some really great changes that would make the device affable to the users.

Prynt CEO Clément Perrot (CEO of Prynt) says that the Prynt case be priced at $99 after launch next year. This device will be compatible to any smartphones with 4.x-inch screens. Rigorous research is being done to bring it for phablets as well.

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