new firmware upgrade for Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Got New Firmware Update (24th June, 2013)

Today Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S4 got another minor update. This update is of 28.55 MB, that brought “improved Stability”.

The update is available through OTA (over the air) and Samsung KIES. This update will be applicable if the kernel version is 3.4.5-768420. It will upgrade the kernel to 3.4.5-859177. Though it is not specified clearly that what kind of stability improvement it brought, we experienced that the TouchWiz and App switching is looking smoother than before. We have not seen any other significance changes. If in your Galaxy S4 the “Auto Update” option is already enabled, you will get a “New Upgrade Available” notification. In some regions Samsung also sent SMS to Galaxy S4 users to upgrade their devices. You may also update your Galaxy S4. Go to Setting > More tab > About Phone > Software update and tap on Update option.

You can see Previous Kernel Version and Build Number.

previous galaxy s4 Firmware

Download the Update and let it be installed.
downloading galaxy s4 update

Device will reboot during the installation of the update. After successful installation, check Kernal Version and Build Number.
galaxy s4 update firmware

If you have seen any significant change after installing the latest update, let us know it.

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