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Samsung to launch Tizen Powered Smart Remote Control at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 has started and Samsung has an interesting remote control to show. Even though remote control was invented at one point of time to sit at one place and control your TV but with course of time, that even become a headache to remember which channel to watch when and when to switch off your TV. Besides, with TVs, Music systems, gaming consoles cluttering our home, the number of remote controls increased.


Owing to the advent of a plethora of smart TVs, Samsung is going to shoot out a high tech modernized remote control that will readily substitute the pool of smart remote controls that we have been using. The new controller will probably change our perception about remote controllers.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Samsung is going to showcase a new kind of smart remote control that can integrate linear content (like live television), OTT content (like Netflix) as well as other connected devices, including video game consoles and Blu-ray players.

The most intriguing aspect of the remote control is that it won’t require any setup. The smart remote will be powered by Tizen operating system. You won’t require to customize the remote with different devices. Rather, the controller will automatically detect devices and connect itself to them. As Samsung claims, it will help users “to access what they really want to watch more easily and quickly.”

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