Samsung's new TV The Frame: Camouflaged as art piece
Samsung's new TV The Frame: Camouflaged as art piece

Samsung’s new TV The Frame: Camouflaged as art piece

Samsung's new TV The Frame: Camouflaged as art piece

Samsung has an enormous line up of televisions, from mid range TV sets to high end smart TVs. But this time there is a new surprise device for people. It’s called The Frame. This TV is a television on one hand and a framed art work on the other hand. The look of The Frame is just like a painting frame. It has two modes. One mode is the conventional TV mode whereas the other mode is the art mode. Enabling this mode displays a plethora of artworks, as many as 100. So when you are not watching TV, just turn on the Art Mode and use it as a painting. Your guests will be taken aback when they’ll find this beautiful camouflage.

The Frame tv has been desgined jn such a way that it will hang on yoir wall. It implements clearly Samsung’s new gapless wall mount and Invisible Connection. Users can swap out bezels to complement the look of your living room. Along with wall hanging, there is a provision for Studio Stand in case you can’t hang the TV on your room wall.

Specifications and price have remained under covers but there has been conjecture that Samsung will unveil price and specs by Spring 2017. The fact that the device will not be a budget handset, is quite understandable but it won’t bear a price tag like that of Samsung’s Sherif TV.

Samsung has a copious collection of QLED and dot TV sets in their catalogue.
The Quantum Dot TVs are available moe, with prices currently starting at $2,800 for the 55-inch Q7 and topping out at $6,800 for the 75-inch Q8. Samsung is carving its niche for key peripherals . The M9500 4K Blu-ray player will show up in April for $399, while the all-in-one MS750 Sound+ Soundbar will roll up in Summer.

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