Are you too a Selfie - Maniac ?
Are you too a Selfie - Maniac ?

Are you too a Selfie – Maniac ?

A few years ago no one knew what a Selfie was, and now it’s not just a Selfie but a Groupie and so on coming into picture. So famous was the obsession that it led to the coining of a new word “Selfie” that means taking a picture of yourself. With the camera in every one’s hand and social media a click away, a photo upload takes less than a second, and who better to click than yourself. Say cheese, and the next thing you know is a Selfie upload and likes or +1 following it. Does a Selfie upload on media give you some sort of weird satisfaction? If yes, then consider yourself trapped in an initial level of psychopathy, confirms a survey on Social Media habits of 800 men.

Are you too a Selfie - Maniac ?

The research led Jesse Fox at University of Ohio concludes that men who take Selfies and edit them before uploading on social networking sites are inclined towards narcissism and those who just upload Selfies directly without editing can be put in above average psychopathy category. But these psychosis traits aren’t that severe and needs no diagnosis.

In fact in today’s world a little insanity is actually considered normal.
Talking of insanity, a study conducted recently showed that men with social uploads related to drinking, promiscuous behavior had more fan following than men without such uploads. So a dark social image is more attractive than being Mr. goody two-shoes. So keep clicking and say Cheese!

Source: The Gizmodo

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