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South Korean scientists might clone Woolly mammoth

South Korean scientists are performing exhaustive research to reincarnate a clone of the Woolly Mammoth. According to the scientists the extinct animal can be reincarnated with the aid of DNA of an extremely well preserved mammoth found in the Siberian snow. It’s obvious that the project has raised controversy. There has been questions regarding the authorization and permission. We will not go in details of the jargon but give you a brief outline of the facts.

South Korean scientists might clone Woolly mammoth

The scientists are trying to accomplish their mission in our generation only. Palaeobiologist Dr. Tori Herridge expressed her deep connection with the mammoth named Buttercup. She said that Buttercup has been one of the most incredible experiences of her life. She said,”It’s up there with my wedding day. he information gleaned from Buttercup’s autopsy about her life and death, and the future discoveries that will come from analyses of her muscles and internal organs, will add to our understanding of these magnificent Ice Age beasts.” But she also confirmed of the burgeoning troubles they would face regarding ethical rules. Besides, she admitted that the procedure of making clone is ought to be a cruel one as one elephant will be used to surrogate the clone mammoth. The life of the surrogate mother will be at stake and she might die anytime during the testing.

Apparently, the news might be captivating and most people will find this interesting but in the long run the project is menacing. A large number of Asian elephants will be needed for the experiment. Besides, the newly born mammoth will be disenfranchised from normal life and will be designated as an endangered species. Still, scientists are looking forward to open a discussion forum on the ethical issues.

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  1. The news that woolly mammoth is being cloned is an interesting one as it will throw light into the life in Ice age and hopefully can bring a species back to life. Ethically it may not be right as the surrogate mother may die any time during the process, but it will be worth as it will also provide us a glimpse on the evolution.

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