Springtomize 3 Is The Ultimate Customization Utility For iOS 7
Springtomize 3 Is The Ultimate Customization Utility For iOS 7

Springtomize 3 is The Ultimate Customization Utility For iOS

There aren’t any great deal of Cydia packages can offer any ind of challenge to the kind of diversity provided by Winterboard to the jailbroken customers, only if they like cosmetic beautification like theming and don’t give a damn about bettering the features of their handset. There are many other quality-specific Cydia tweaks that allow you make some good alterations to iOS, but almost all of them assist to only specific corners, like the off-late accounted FolderEnhancer. Springtomize is few among the Cydia tweaks that provide system-wide alterations, providing users to tweak anything and everything from visual sense of iOS to its often utilized characteristics. The popular Cydia app has now been upgraded to back-up iOS 7, but different from almost all other recent upgrades, Springtomize 3 provides facilities that can function only on this brand new firmware upgrade.

Springtomize iOS Settings

Springtomize 3 includes an icon of its own onto the Home screen, but you can also be able to use it via the menu included to the stock Settings menu. The tweak has to be switched on at the first place, and performing so shows up the listing of available divisions.

Springtomize Home Screen


This division isn’t too specific, and deals with every system livings the same method. Kudos to the alternatives offered here, users get to alter the velocity of default customizations.

Springtomize iOS Folders

App Slider

The App Switcher department of iOS 7 is yet quite daunting but with Springtomize 3, you can slick it up more further. If you don’t want the icons that display up beneath the cards, utilize the first alternative in this part to switch them off. The rest alternatives include the power to alter the size of app cards, and substitute the kill motion with a respring one.

Springtomize App Slider

Control Center

This option allows you to conceal the separator lines or specific departments of the iOS 7 Control Center.


The customers with a sense of taste for strange ocular consequences must attempt the cover flow consequence available in Springtomize 3. Some other alternatives include concealing the dock’s background, and plucking the size of icons occupying there.


In words of UI, Springtomize can let you renovate iOS folders quite inclusive manner, thanks to its cover flow characteritics and control over transperent tiers. You also get the power to make cuddled folders.


You can utilize this division of Springtomize 3 to take away the annoying Newsstand icon from your iPhone’s Springboard. Other features also include the power to alter the appearence of icons, alter their fonts colors. Same as the Newsstand icon, any other app icon can also be concealed from the UI.

Lock Screen

This part assits you to conceal the camera grabber and alter the date/time text on the lock screen


Are you envious of the iPhone 5s’ power to provide more rows on the Home screen? Now you can utilize Springtomize 3 to alter the number of rows and columns that can show up on the Springboard. It is also potential to conceal icon labels and switch on the cover flow option all through your home screens.

 Springtomize Pages

Status Bar

The section lets you substitute the name of your carrier with any possible text of your pick. The same can be performed onto the time display. The list of options remaining back here allows you to get rid of various icons that show up in the status bar at any instant.

Every customization you perform in Springtomize 3 has to be applied with the help of a respring, which can be done by clicking the status bar after changing a specific setting. Springtomize 3 is available in the BigBoss repository of the Cydia store for $2.99.

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