The strict security system of smartphones might be a threat to humanity, says US FBI Director

Smartphones nowadays makes stronger security builds than ever and iOS tops the list in security and safety. It’s obviously a boon for users as strong security system means enhanced protection against hacking, Virus attacks and fraudulence but US FBI Director James Comey showed us the flip side of this.


Comey in a meeting at Brookings Institution said that the strong security system is actually a bane. The giant companies like Apple Inc and Google Inc are unintentionally jeopardizing the interest of humanity in the long run. These days phone securities are made so stringent that it becomes impossible even for the companies to trace the data stored in devices manufactured by them.

This is an alarming threat to increased rate of homicide and child trafficking. Comey said that in order to extract information about accused nd culprits FBI needs to obtain data from their devices and the strong security makes it difficult for them. Comey said, “If this becomes the norm, I suggest you that homicide cases could be stalled, suspects walked free, child exploitation not discovered and prosecuted”.

James Comey urged Congress to revisit the laws that governs the ability of enforcement to intercept communications.

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