nokia symbian

Symbian Operating System Gets A New Update With Delight 1.7

nokia symbian

Once upon a time, Nokia ruled the mobile world. But as smartphones arrived and the face of the mobile phone technology started evolving, Nokia failed to match the footsteps with other competitors and thus lagged behind. At present, only a handful of users use Nokia handsets. For the few Nokia Symbian mobile users across the globe, there is a good news. An update is here for their Nokia Symbian handsets.

The update has not been brought by Nokia. Rather, it has been brought by developers working for Delight, a third party Symbian operating system. Devices that will be receiving the update are Nokia 808 PureView, N8, and E7, etc.

– Support for custom language ROFS by request. Note: old ROFS2 are compatible no more!
– Added or updated a couple of extra ROMPatcher+ patches; not needed ones were removed.
– Added Qt IAP components.
– Added MemSpy, the most powerful and hard-core task manager for Symbian that you have ever seen, because it was made by Nokia Corporation to help developers!
– MicroSD card in notification bar and camera custom resolutions are obligatory mods now.
– Removed My Nokia. It is not needed on FP2 firmware.
– Privacy policy and Product improvement are wiped away from Settings.
– Added Python 2.2.2 and 2.5.4 with extra modules (appuifw2 v.1.0.1 by Arkadiusz Wahlig and powlite fm v.1.3 touch by WyTHuK). You can launch Python scripts directly from the built-in file manager owing to RunPy and Pyrecog by No.2.
– Charging Led Red is more intense now.
– Calls are recorded in AAC format by default.
– Exposed all hidden system shortcuts.
– FM Transmitter waiting time is extended to 10 min.
– GPS data green icon to match Maps widget.
– Removed non-working Places nearby widget.
– Changed the date of the first launch – Merry Xmas 🙂
– Removed some unneeded files.
– Transparent elements for a better navigation in Maps. Thanks to Marc for his suggestion!
– Added localisations for winRAR.
– Added ScreenGrabber, an excellent screenshot program created by Nokia Corporation and designed for developers.
– Sound Improvement v3.5 by ExtraX7. Anna equaliser and loudness mod are now working from C drive with ROMPatcher+ patch.
– Small profiles widget with custom graphics. Credits go to ICE GAME.
– Top bar colours above native and QtQuick applications. Note: white colour will persist over Qt applications with custom QML files, for instance SIStore!
– Java permissions mod, exclusively fully adapted for FP2.
– Offline queries are fully or partially disabled for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FmTx. Thanks to CODeRUS for the first patch.
– USB OTG pop-ups patch (another thanks to ExtraX7).
– Colour gamma of mobile data tracker widget in Delight style.
– Ability to change user agent of the built-in Web Browser via Delight App.
– Delight App v1.5 – and Happy New Year 🙂
– 2G/3G Toggle, Contact, Offline, RSS Feed, Silent, and Visual Bookmark Homescreen widgets got updated to v21.0.36
– Email widget updated to v3.6.5
– VoIP Audio Service v2.3.1
– Delight and Evolve Qt themes – they were made more beautiful.
– Menu matrix.
– MIFEditor is now ad-free from the first launch and is shown in menu.
– Nagging pop-up in ROMPatcher is accurately disabled. Thanks to Jazzfusion for finding out.
– Added stub files for all embedded applications.
– Restored occasionally lost before Delight v1.5 files, e.g. factory skin of notes widget.
– Added missing textures for old Xplore-like programs: integer side-bar and progress bar.
– Patched hosts in Map Loader and Internet Radio. Many thanks to Marc for helping with Map Loader.
– Repaired downloads through Nokia Mobile Dictionary application.
– Removed non-working Nokia’s GPS server and added the one from Google.
– Converter resources: now words don’t superimpose.
– Music Delight widget skin now bears half-transparent base. This is useful for white album covers.
– Fixed some bugs.
Widget skins:
– Base by Mahindar + partial amalgamation with framed square glass by Achambo + my Crazy style. You will like them for sure.
Translation fixes:
– Profiles module.

Before flashing this custom firmware , always remember to backup your data.

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