Things to look out for when hunting for the best KVM VPS


When you first set up a blog or website and need a host it’s tempting to start with a cheaper package, especially if the budget is tight and the lifespan of the site uncertain. However, where possible it always makes more sense to go for a hosting provider who offers a decently priced VPS [Virtual Private Server].

This is the only way to avoid problems like forced down time because another user caused an issue on the server, or having to tolerate a site that is super slow to load when the server is busy. Both of these can easily scupper your chances of success, as well as seriously testing your nerves.

Opting for a KVM VPS is always a sound choice, offering a secure, independent, flexible and resource rich platform to work from, so it makes sense to look for a hosting company that can accommodate this, and also offer both a great deal and an amazing service.

How to choose a good hosting company

  • Look at comparison charts

There are lots of websites around that conduct comparison checks on hosting companies, and then publish the results for others to make use of, and these can be a good place to start. However, be aware that these articles can only cover a limited number of options, not all those featured in an article may offer hosting via a KVM VPS, and some may have been sponsored by companies to promote their particular site.

However, comparison pieces can definitely help you make a shortlist based on elements such as price and specs, before you do some further, independent research.

  • Test a potential hosting provider’s customer service

Regardless of all else, if you need advice or help from your host it’s vital there are convenient options available to do just that. If the host is on a different time zone to you and offers only email support are you comfortable with waiting several hours for a reply, or is 24/7 chat support a must?

If a provider measures up in this area try sending a message, or asking a few questions in chat. This will give you some insight into how easy it would be to communicate down the line.

  • Don’t make the cost of hosting the main priority

Of course it may well be an important factor, and going into this process with a budget range in mind is sensible, but don’t be seduced by dazzling deals which may have limitations you never expected.

If possible think a little longer term, for example if you wanted to expand is that possible?

  • Read plenty of reviews

With some internet detective work it’s usually easy to find several sources; therefore upping the odds that the feedback and information given is honest.

Choosing the right hosting provider is an important task, but spending some time on research is an investment which will always pay off.

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