Tumblr Adds Tip Jar Monetization Tool For Content Creators

Tumblr has added two new monetization tools for content creators in the last eight months. The first monetization tool was Post+ which is a subscription service. The new monetization tool is the Tip Jar monetization tool.

What is Tip Jar monetization tool in Tumblr?

Tip Jar is a monetization tool which enables readers to tip their favorite content. The tip can be maximum of $100 for a single content. You can send the tip anonymously or with a message. If you leave a message, others will be able to see your message and vice-versa. The tip jar feature has rolled out for US users as of now. But not to worry, it will be available to other regions as well. Tumblr won’t take any part of the tip amount but will charge from credit card fees.

A Bit About Post+ Monetization Tool in Tumblr

Post+ is the first monetization tool for Tumblr users. Users can pay a subscription amount to read their favorite content creators’ exclusive content. Post+ subscription starts at $3.99 per month, with additional tiers at $5.99 and $9.99 per month. You can use both Tumblr Tips and Post+ simultaneously. While Google had added the Adsense program for its content creators long back, Tumblr is new in the game. Right now, we don’t have any news how much profit has Tumblr earned from Post+ subscription.

“We aren’t disclosing our numbers, but we can share that, with the open beta, we opened the funnel to a much broader audience and gleaned more insights, especially from international creators. These newly discovered learnings will help us prepare for a full launch later this year,” Bohdan Kit, Tumblr’s head of product for subscriptions, told TechCrunch

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