Why choose Dubai Deep Sea Fishing in 2022?

Despite being known as a luxurious holiday destination, Dubai has more to offer for anyone who enjoys sailing or fishing in a deep open sea.  Fishing and sailing attract tourists all over the world as it’s available in any season of the year.

Add fishing trips Dubai on your “to do list” if you’re looking for new activities to brighten up your life or you’re just a fan of fishing. With the world getting back on its feet let’s discover why Dubai should be on your fishing destinations list.

Unforgettable location.

Due to the Middle Eastern climate you can sail and fish any time of the year, enjoying sunny weather, something that you won’t find on the coast of Scotland or Norway. Dubai is a city that spreads alongside the coast and has several marinas. Such a location will give you an amazing view from any point of your journey and there is truly no better way to see the Dubai skyline if not from the water.

Fishing is historically a popular hobby among the locals and expats, that’s why you’ll find lot’s fishing, sailing and yacht renting companies for every budget and level of experience. Most charters are equipped with all necessary appliances and a friendly professional captain is ready to assist you with fishing, share stories from the region.

There are  plenty of fish in the sea.

Dubai waters are rich in fish and fishing charters offer you different equipment depending on your goal and what you are planning to catch. The most common fish you can catch throughout a year would be barracuda, snapper and catfish. Some of the species are swimming deeper as it gets too hot in the summer months, so with bottom fishing you can find kingfish, grouper, queenfish and cobia. You can also come back with salmon, tuna or mackerel.

The best thing is that there are always options of what you can do with all your catch. If you like fishing only for the spirit of it, the most humanitarian way is to release the fish back in the sea. If you’re planning on eating your catch, there are restaurants back in the city where you can get your fish cooked by professional chefs or you’re free to take your catch with you if you’re planning to cook it yourself later. Some tours will offer to get your fish ready for a take away, but make sure to ask for it in advance. There are also fishing boats with a kitchen/ barbeque, so you can enjoy the fish fresh out of sea. Make sure that the fishing charter you choose offers needed equipment and assistance if you do want to keep your catch.

Best way to learn more.

Deep sea fishing trips suit experienced anglers as well as beginners. Most fishing charters offer a professional angler and a capitan, that will teach all the techniques you need to know and give all the useful information and tips. With lessons from a professional, even your kid could catch a big fish from the sea. Anglers will assist you on every step of fishing, depending on how “dirty” you’re planning to get.

Experienced fishermen would be pleased to learn new tips, share the experience with a captain and catch something really spectacular.  Dubai deep sea fishing will allow you to catch fish you have never seen before.

One in a lifetime experience.

Dubai is a fabulous and luxurious city to visit. Fishing in Dubai is no less luxurious. On a yacht of your choosing, with the people that you fancy you can not only enjoy fishing but admire the views that haven’t been seen by many. The fishing tours market is really competitive so it’s easy to find a trip that will match your schedule. A tip for you: the best time to book is right before sunset as you will see the Dubai skyline shining in all shades of pink.


If you’re looking for a creative way to spend a day in Dubai consider a fishing trip. It is suited for a getaway with friends, a corporate party, a family trip or even a date. Yachts and speed boats are totally safe for kids, but it’s still expected supervision from the parents. Usually, it’s allowed to bring your own drinks and food onboard, however, you can get a deal for yourself when everything would be already included if the boat has a bar on it.

Dubai fishing charter companies comply with all governmental regulations and keep track of the weather and storm.

Easy booking

Dubai is a modern city so of course booking your activities is easy. Most companies have their own website, so you can choose a boat, learn more details about it and book online even before you land in Dubai. Keep in mind that fishing and sailing is an activity that depends on the weather, so it might be cancelled for your safety if there is a storm coming. When you arrive for a fishing trip make sure to pack your passport with you.

To wrap it up, if you want to learn more about Arabian culture and history, meet some locals, achieve new fishing goals, learn a thing or two from a professional angler – make your family, friends and yourself a gift and book a deep-sea fishing trip in Dubai.  2022 would be a year for all of us to do something amazing and a fishing trip with an astonishing view in Dubai could be a part of it. If you’re planning to visit a city or you’re an ex-pat looking for local activities, consider a deep-sea fishing trip (https://charterclick.com/dubai/motor_yacht ) as an exciting way to learn more about the real Dubai!

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