What 5 Types of Posts Get Shared the Most on Facebook

With Facebook back in line since the beginning of 2022, many marketers are moving to the popular social media platform to market their products. Thus, they want to increase their Facebook growth. Even travel agencies are not left behind. You can now find pages offering information and bookings on the closest airport to Tulum, Mexico, for tourists and people looking to escape the harsh winter climate. If you are a marketer, then you are looking for the most shared content on Facebook to capture the attention of Facebook users before advertising your business. So, we came up with this article specifically for that purpose. Here are the 5 most commonly shared Facebook posts:


Memes are pictures or stories with captions meant to be funny. In recent years, memes have grown as a tool to spread laughter and touch on trending topics, including criticizing some bad habits in our society in a humorous way. So if you want to attract users to your Facebook page, the best way to do that would be to create memes that echo and fit your brand.

Current News and Events

Posting the latest news on your page will definitely get the attention of many Facebook users. That is because many Facebook users are opinionated and like a platform where they can share and read unbiased opinions on trending topics from other users. However, you should limit what you share via the platform as it may backfire.

First, avoid getting too political when addressing current events if you are not a news outlet or political brand. Your fans will have different opinions, and your views might upset some of your followers. Most importantly, be sensitive in your approach. Many brands and social media influencers have found themselves in a pickle after taking advantage of tragic events to sell their brands or views.

Inspirational Content

Inspirational quotes, videos, and images may not seem appealing at first, but they are popular for a good reason. Some people find inspirational content empowering. Posting such content might help them get through long days at work and even heartbreaks from failed relationships. In addition, you can watermark your inspirational content with your brand name or logo before sharing them on your page. This will help you earn more followers so you can easily reach a larger audience when advertising your business. 

Cute Animals 

You have probably seen one or more pictures and videos of cute animals when scrolling through your Facebook feed. For many people, their pets are family, and they are proud to show them off so other people can see how cute they are or how they have grown throughout the years. Posting similar content on your page can help you attract the attention of animal lovers from all sides of the world, which will help you gain more followers.

Travel and Adventure

A lot of people are curious to find out how other people live. For others, travel and adventure content are what they’ll use to determine the next place to visit with friends and family. So, it’s a better way to gain more followers than virtually exposing your audience to different food, cultures, and nature from various parts of the world.


Facebook is a popular social media platform that helps us keep in touch with our loved ones and share our experiences. Marketers and business owners can now utilize the vast number of Facebook users and content-sharing features to market their products and services. So whether you want to gain more followers or sell your business, posting popular social media content will help you reach your goal. Try any of the types of posts mentioned in this review and watch how your users and marketing campaign grow.

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