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What Are Backlinks? And Can They Hurt Your Site?

One of the supreme ranking factors for Google and other search engines is backlinks. When your site has a strong backlink profile, it means that many authoritative sites, influencers, and social media pages are linking to your content on a frequent basis. However, ranking is directly related to the quality of the backlink as well. This means that if Google crawls a website with a link to yours but they penalize it for bad behavior, you could get into trouble as well.

There are ways to prevent this from happening, according to PureLinq. The company has developed a successful backlink method that helps businesses in any category gain positive, authoritative links naturally over time. This is exactly how many businesses are able to achieve higher rankings in a shorter amount of time.

How Do Backlinks Work?

Whenever someone links to your site from their site, you have just added another backlink to your profile. When Google crawls the web and finds links to your site, it sends a signal that your site is an authority based on the keywords used when your site is linked. This means that if your site is constantly linked to as the “best appliance brand” in the world, then you will likely start coming up for all kinds of searches related to appliances. However, you have to have a large backlink profile and domain authority score to achieve this.

There are many ways to get new backlinks to your site, and as long as these links are placed on high-quality websites naturally, you won’t be penalized from Google. However, if you do buy backlinks that are on spammy websites or with vendors that engage in blackhat tactics, you could be in trouble.

The key difference is that backlink profiles should be relative to your content, and you should never buy backlinks. Instead, you should offer content that people want to link to.

Do Backlinks Hurt Your Site?

The opposite is true. Backlinks make it possible for more people to find your site, and they help improve your ranking in most search engines. If you are constantly putting out high-quality content and sharing it with influencers, you will likely pick up some links naturally.

However, there are many methods to generating backlinks, and not all of them are safe. If you are placing backlink orders with a spam website that you know doesn’t relate to your site’s content, then the link won’t really help you, and if Google finds out that you are affiliated with a malware site, you could get into deeper trouble.

Sites are never penalized for simply having a large backlink profile, however. That’s how you actually start to rank up!

Methods to Improve Backlinks

Most backlink profiles are built through social media and sharing content. If you can create genuinely good content such as infographics, videos, and blog articles, then you can share that on social media to gain more visibility and shares. In addition, you can connect with influencers to build links back to your best content as well.

You can also use the broken link method. This is when you find a popular website with old content that has broken links as well. By contacting the webmaster, you can suggest your own links and content to fill in a broken link instead. To find these broken links, just search these queries:

  • Your keyword + links + (old year like 2011, 2010, 2009, etc)
  • Your keywords + resources
  • Siteurl + keyword (when you are trying to get on a particular website)
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