What Are Gaming Routers and Are They Worth Buying? 

You can assemble the most sophisticated PC build but if you’re experiencing terrible lag and unreliable internet speed, everything’s a waste. So if you love upgrading your PC parts, you also might want to upgrade your router. 

What are Gaming Routers?

Gaming routers are routers designed specifically for console and PC users who play demanding and high-performance game titles. They have all the features you need to have a fast, convenient, and uninterrupted online gaming experience that a standard router may not be able to give. Whether you’re a serious competitor or even just the average casual type— a gaming router can make your overall gaming experience a lot better. 

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Some people think gaming routers are mostly overkill and a lot of standard routers can do what they claim to do. So what really sets gaming routers apart? Let’s find out.

The Main Feature of Gaming Routers: QoS or Quality of Service 

Gaming routers have QoS or the Quality of Service setting which allows you to prioritize gaming traffic above anything else on your network. It reduces delays in receiving data from your PC to the server thereby removing any lag or latency you might usually experience in a standard router.  

QoS usually works by identifying applications that use your network resources. It then categorizes traffic and chooses which ones should benefit most from reducing packet loss, high latency and jitters. It then prioritizes applications that need it. QoS will prioritize your gaming applications more than other internet consuming softwares such as that of your smart refrigerators or mobile phones. 

Basically, this feature gives you more control over your wireless traffic. While other non-gaming routers have QoS features too, they are not designed to prioritize gaming traffic, just your device. This is why a wireless router for gaming is highly recommended for people who use their computers mainly for gaming.  

Other Extra Features of Gaming Routers

  • Additional Ethernet ports – more ports, more devices. 
  • Fast Connection – fast internet means lesser lag and better gaming experience
  • Integration with IoT devices – for smart homes with multiple smart appliances 
  • Multiple Band Wi-Fis  – declutter signal and improve speed. Great for gaming in congested environments. 
  • Updated Wi-Fi Wireless Standards – secure and futureproof
  • External antennas for extended coverage – maintain high speed no matter far you’re from your router
  • Smart Schedule  – Turn your Wi-fi on and off on preferred time and schedule 

Should You Choose a Single, Dual Band or a Tri-Band Gaming Router?

Routers often come in 3 types: the single, dual-band or tri-band gaming router. 

Single Band


  • Penetrate walls and floors better
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Affordable


  • Limited to one frequency band
  • Slow speed
  • No modern features like device prioritization and app-based monitoring

Dual-Band Routers 


  • Current market standard
  • Offers more range and stability
  • Uses two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz 
  • Less interference even in populated areas


  • 5GHz connection isn’t as good at penetrating walls and furniture
  • Amount of connected device can affect the speed

Tri-Band Router


  • Adds an additional 5GHz band
  • Offers 3x higher bandwidth speed
  • Automatically sorts devices between networks


  • Higher cost
  • It can be overkill. Not much difference if you’re not a heavy 
  • internet user or don’t live in a highly populated city

Should You Buy A Gaming Router?

Wondering if you should buy a gaming router? Learn why you should or shouldn’t get a gaming router today. 

  • YES: If you have multiple internet using devices (at least more than 5). The more devices you have, the more likely you’ll have to receive data simultaneously. Gaming routers have QoS which will help you give priority among your devices. 
  • YES: If you need coverage. If you want your router to reach all the rooms in your house, go for gaming routers. Not only do modern gaming routers reach a wider area, but they can also deliver fast speed despite obstructions like walls and furniture. 
  • YES: If you play online games that require high-resolution and speed. Modern games are increasingly becoming more advanced with their size and graphics which means you’ll need to have at least 6MBps for online gaming.  

How To Configure Your Gaming Router 

If you already bought your gaming router. Here’s a simple way to add QoS or prioritization to your router. 

  1. Log in to your router
  2. Navigate to your QoS settings
  3. Input the device’s IP or MAC address you want to prioritize 
  4. Set the priority to “highest”

Conclusion: Are Gaming Routers Worth Your Money? 

Yes, gaming routers are an essential accessory if you’re serious about gaming. They have several useful features that can improve your overall gaming experience. It will also help you make the most of the fast broadband internet you purchased. So if you want a router that will match your fancy setup and help you play your favorite games such as Apex Legends and Forntite with blazing fast internet speed without lags, get a gaming router. 

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