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What’s the Best Business to Run in College? Our Top 9 Picks

Being an entrepreneur and a student is a difficult task. You need to manage so many things and be successful in all of them. Besides having good academic performance, we want to have some time and resources for ourselves and our big and small wishes. 

In that case, running a business seems like a good idea. You may delegate your math homework help and focus on things that will bring you profit and useful experience. At the same time, this startup should not be very time-consuming and demanding since you are still acquiring a degree.

Here are general guidelines for any kind of business that you decide to run at college: 

  • Do not perform anything illegal. Limitations of a college do not redeem any sort of illegal activity. 
  • Do not compromise anyone’s safety and privacy for making extra money. Selling rumors and private information is not the best way to start a business. 
  • Do not sacrifice your study for the sake of making money. 
  • Check the university’s rules concerning running businesses by students. 
  • Check if you need any kind of credit or license to run a business of your choice. 
  • Try to focus on your CV building rather than pure profit gain. Contribution to your community will be more profitable than raw income. 

 We prepared a list of small business ideas that may fit in busy college life based on these criteria.

Hit Creative Marketplaces 

You can convert your talent into real money. Such platforms as Gumroad and Fiverr may help to monetize any sort of talent. Text and music writing, graphic design, art – any talent that makes you shine may also help you financially. At the same time, you don’t have to overdo yourself. You may keep enjoying your favorite creative activity, attend classes regularly and have spare money at the same time.

Convert Old Information Medium 

If you are a more tech-savvy person, you may convert old mediums into modern formats. There are a lot of old CDs and VHS tapes that need to be digitized. Despite a lot of professionals doing so, the market still has a high demand for that kind of service. 

This sort of service does not require too much time and close attention. The process runs mostly automatically. All you need is the necessary equipment that will recoup itself quickly. 

Provide Online Lessons 

If you are attending the last years of your high school, you may provide online courses related to your field of knowledge. It is especially relevant for philological specialties. Different online schools may ask for a too demanding price. At the same time, you may provide a similar service for a more affordable price and gain experience in your knowledge application. 

Create an Application 

If you are proficient with coding interfaces and languages, you may create a mobile application. You, like no other person, know what concerns students have and what sort of application they need. It may be a motivational app, a useful tool in the professional field, or any other sort of help. Modern terms on online marketplaces allow almost anyone to publish their product with minimum limitations. 


Sell Your Original Craft 

If you create hand-made products like jewelry or souvenirs, you can sell them on platforms like Etsy. This sort of business may not make all of the money for you, but you will acquire the necessary experience of communication with clients. Besides, learning how business schemes work in a small-scale production chain is a great way to learn about possible business pitfalls with minimal risks. 

Record An Audiobook 

Audiobooks are a growing market with high demand within it. The good part is that you can record and sell your audiobook as well. Naturally, you will need a good microphone and to train your voice. Nevertheless, it is a good start for making a profit. 

Naturally, you would not be able to sell your audio version of Game of Thrones due to copyright restrictions. Therefore, try to find a more rare example. For example, medieval science literature or 18th-century novels are the great source material for audiobooks recording. 

Organize Speed Dating Evenings 

The overwhelming popularity of dating apps has changed the search for partners drastically. Nevertheless, nothing can be compared with real communication and speed dates. You may organize speed-dating evenings and charge a small fee for entrance. College campus is a perfect place to promote your idea and to find necessary people. 

Turn Your Artwork Into Posters 

It is a great way to turn your creativity into a resource. There is a demand for making one’s dorm room nice and comfortable. A budget poster may contribute to it well. Such resources as Snapfish may help you to turn your creativity into a fine-looking poster. The bright side about it is that you can do posters from drawings and photos alike. 

Explore Stock Photography Market 

It is quite a popular option for students. If you feel confident in front of a camera and have a sense of style, you may become a stock photo model. Otherwise, you may take a сamera yourself and take some photos of people and places. There are many ways of selling photos online. It is a great way to build your visual portfolio. 

If you are not sure about both of these perspectives, you may become a middleman between models and photographers. You may gather interested people in one place and share a small fee for the organizational expenses. 

Final Words 

College business is a great way to kick off your career and gather background for your resume and CV. It may serve as a way of gaining experience without contracts and the possibility to regulate your schedule. 

At the same time, college business should not become a substitute for your studies. You need to acquire a degree before venturing into real income. Therefore, try to align your college business with your professional field to maximize the positive outcome from both of the activities.

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