WhatsApp acknowledged down officially

WhatsApp is down – facing some server issues

WhatsApp servers have been facing some critical issues since 22nd Feb 1:38pm EST. People from various countries have informed that though the service is not totally down but they are facing “could not connect to the server” error while trying to fetch any images, videos or other attachments. Some have also reported that sometimes they are not able to send or receive texts and change their status too. Sometimes texts are showing as delivered, but actually at the other end they are not getting delivered.
WhatsApp Server Error

WhatsApp team also have acknowledged that they are experiencing server issues which is impacting the service worldwide and they are looking into it.

WhatsApp down because of server issue

It may possible some migration activity is going on and because of that overhead the servers are responding slowly. But if that is the actual reason, then WhatsApp could have informed the users about service down time. Though till now WhatsApp has not confirmed any reason behind this service interruption. Just 3 days before, on 19th February Facebook bought WhatsApp for US$19 billion, this incident may challenge the reliability of this service.

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