Why Are Young People Leaving Facebook?

Time Magazine said it all, young people are saying sayonara to Facebook. And there is data to prove the exodus. Around 11 million young people have fled Facebook since 2011. The question is why are the young people ditching the now ubiquitous social network and replacing it with What’s App or Snapchat? Let us take a look at the situation and what are its implications for the future.

Lost luster

It seems that Facebook is not just on its side. It has lost the luster and the allure it had about three years ago. Today, more and more older people are getting into Facebook. It seems that the social network has become a way for the older and the younger generations connect with each other. And this causes the younger ones to get out because the parents are already in the system and that, for them, is not a good thing. The fact that young people dread the day when your dad or mom sends you a friend request is enough to cause people to leave Facebook and find another place to stay.

Leaving away

It seems that once most pervasive social network is getting ditched with the privacy offered by instant messaging. Message apps like What’s App provide a privacy space that is away from the potential prying eyes of parents snooping around. Snapchat has become a great alternative but the recent concern on security has left some sectors doubtful.

Logging evidence

The Global Social Media Impact Study showed that 16 to 18-year-old kids in eight countries are shown to leave Facebook. This causes a free fall in the decline of young users of Facebook. The study shows that the young people are engaging on simpler social networks like Twitter or Instagram. The competing social networks have less functionality compared to Facebook. However, it provides more insulation against the prying eyes of their parents that have found a way to their friends list.

It seems that Facebook has evolved to an entirely different creature. Facebook is now being used as a side network rather than the primary one. Young people are trying to stay away from Facebook and this is not a good sign for the future. The future that Facebook wants to create with an interconnected web of contacts may not be go that far. If the young people are ditching Facebook, then there would be not much of future for the social network to talk about.



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