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Wireless headphones for TV – Here are your best options

There are many reasons for which you would want headphones for your TV. For starters, take into consideration all the time you’re spending watching TV shows or movies during the late hours. You might know that feeling of having to turn the volume down considerably so that you don’t wake people up. That’s no way to watch a movie, as the intensity and drama of each scene need to be savored with a generous volume. Even if it’s not late at night, you might be in a room with other people that are doing their own thing. Their noise might ruin your viewing pleasure; therefore headphones are once again mandatory for a great movie experience. With that said, here are the top wireless headphones for tv that you should check out.


Wireless headphones for TV

Power Acoustik Farenheit HP-902 RFT

This is a good pair that you can snatch for under $70. It comes with two headphones and RCA inputs, and it provides not bad sound. It uses radio frequency to function as well as AAA batteries.  The only thing you need to watch out for is the build quality which could be better, but considering that it’s a sub $70 model, it’s a bit more understandable.


For this one, we’re going up, to a price tag of under $80, which is pretty close to the other one still.  This model also uses radio frequency to function, but it lacks the low-frequency replay that other models might be able to provide. On the plus side, it comes with great battery life, which is always good news.

Insignia NS-WHP314

For under $75 you get access to this headphone model. It comes with a similar price tag of under $75, and it features outstanding voice clarity in its sound replay. It uses batteries but it features its own, and it’s pretty cheap overall for the high quality it provides. Even though it features its batteries, however, should be prepared for a slightly bumpier road when it’s time to charge the device.

AudioMX HG-21B

We’re starting to get to the big guns, as this model costs just under $100. The price is increased but so are the comfort and convenience levels. With these headphones, it’s easy to switch between multiple connectivity options. And storing them is also a breeze.  The only problem detected is that the pair could have been a tad louder at max volume.

Sennheiser RS 165

This is the biggest gun we’re showing off today, with a price range of just under $220. It uses radio frequency just like the others, but it also comes with some features that the others don’t have. The charging is easy as it’s done through the included stand. It acts as both a place where the headphones can rest when not in use and a loading dock. The sound quality is also excellent, so if you have the money, this might be the right solution for you.

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