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Woman mistakenly dumps a $200K worth Apple-I at Recycle Plant

A woman mistakenly dumped a very rare Apple-I computer along with several other electronic gadgets at an electronic goods recycling firm. This incident created a huge stir among people. The news was reported by a recycle firm named Clean Bay Area. They said that a lady came with several boxes that she cleared from her garage and dumped it there. While checking the boxes, the firm noticed this very precious and rare Apple-I computer in one of the boxes.

Woman mistakenly dumps a $200K worth Apple-I at Recycle Plant

This Apple-I computer has great historic value as only 200 such computers were handmade by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. These computers were later on sold at auctions at hefty prices. So discovering such a priceless piece at such an unattended place is a mystery. According to the Clean Bay Area, they tried to find out the lady who dropped it.

Clean Bay Area managed to resell the Apple-I computer to a private collecting agency at a whopping $200,000 price. Unbelievable, isn’t it? The reason that the firm is trying to trace the lady is to distribute the money equally between themselves. Victor Gichun, the Vice President of Clean Bay Area, said that they are going to give 50% of what they earned from reselling the Apple-I computer to the lady based on their company policy. He also claimed that he remember the face of the lady but as she left no contact information for them, it’s becoming impossible to find her.

Only if the lady is aware of the huge brouhaha surrounding her and her Apple-I, she will be able to know what fortune is awaiting her.

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