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YouTube to launch a built-in GIF creator

Recently Facebook and other social networking sites are being flooded with posts which has GIFs in them. So if you are also interested in making GIFs then YouTube has a good news for you. Google is rolling out a built-in GIF creator. Blogger these days make a great use of GIFs and hence Google has made a separate application in order lighten the burden of traffic.

YouTube to launch a built-in GIF creator

The idea is that you would be provided with an editor where you can set a start time and a stop time. The two start points should be set and a caption should be added. That’s all it needs to create a GIF image. It will be as simple as that. But now, we won’t be given that extent of freedom and you can only share GIFs from limited videos. Various other websites, URL tweaks are available in the internet that would let you make GIFs. But YouTube is something which is authentic, famous and credible. So, this is a big thing coming our way, especially the gif enthusiasts.

GIF source: TechCrunch

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