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Intel announces Compute Stick. What is it?

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Intel announces Compute Stick. What is it?

CES 2015 has seen Intel announcing its Compute stick. Now what is this compute stick we are talking about? The device is just like an ARM but with some differences Read more

Intel announces Core M Processors, which does not require heat fighting fan

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Intel Core M Processors

In the recent IFA 2014 being held at Berlin, Intel has launched its Core M processors and it will be very soon that M-based convertible notebooks will be doing rounds Read more

50 Cent launches innovative earphones that sense Heartbeats

Company 50 Cent launches an amazing earphones that has abilities beyond than those of the conventional ones. In joint venture with Intel, 50 Cent is launching earphones that can record Read more

Intel announces a variety of Extreme Edition processors i7

Intel told a different story altogether by announcing its first i7 processors with octa cores and 16 threads for desktop PC. in an era where laptops and tablets have taken Read more

Intel chip powered by WINE

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intel chip powered by wine

Electricity from water is a common phenomenon which most of us are well aware of but have you ever thought of generating electricity from wine? Well, Dr. Genevieve Bell has Read more