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AT&T does not allow you change carrier without changing Apple SIM

Apple SIM, even though not a phenomenal innovation, yet it’s definitely a useful one. All other SIMs demand priority and support for only one carrier and as you want to Read more

iPad Air 2 bent but you cannot call it Bendgate

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iPad Air 2

Well the term Bendgate must be fading away from your memory but this very term created a stir just after the advent of iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus was Read more

Images apparently reveal next-gen iPad mini in gold with fingerprint scanner

Whether you enjoy it or execrate it or you just want to replicate it, it looks like Apple’s brand new gold iPhone 5s has hit its consumers bang on which Read more

New iPad Air going to be released on November 1

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple made certain statements during Apple’s fiscal Q4 2013 earnings report and one of them somehow supported the fact that Apple is facing a shortage Read more