Images apparently reveal next-gen iPad mini in gold with fingerprint scanner

Images apparently reveal next-gen iPad mini in gold with fingerprint scanner

Whether you enjoy it or execrate it or you just want to replicate it, it looks like Apple’s brand new gold iPhone 5s has hit its consumers bang on which they are really liking. The availability of all the three color variations of the flagship handset has been tightened up, but according to the reports, the gold edition was the first one to sell off at several istores.

apple ipad mini gold version

But what is the use of having a gold iPhone if you do not have a gold iPad to equalize it with? For those people expecting that Apple will also hit the markets with its gold version of its iPad line, it seems like there might be reason to call for celebration, as China’s ZOL has laid its hands on some images intending to display a new iPad mini in its most hunky-dory bling.

apple ipad mini gold rumor

If it be exact  and let’s not disregard the possibility that these pictures are just Photoshopped, the pictures depict that the device featuring a same gold and white color system to the iPhone 5s, but what is specifically interesting is that they display the newfangled iPad mini along with a Touch ID fingermark scanner, negating some former reports that the next generation iPads would not contain that particular feature.

The new iPad mini is conceived to have a greatly meliorated Retina display, eventually turning to the unfavorable judgments of the present existing model’s 7.9-inch display with its XGA (1024×768) resolution. Apple is anticipated to declare the brand new iPad mini up in the next month along with a new edition of its more self-aggrandizing brother, the 9.7-inch Apple iPad.

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