10 Biggest Facebook Secrets

There was a time when solitude had its own charm and beauty and where display of emotions was a private affair which held its dignity therein. Family planning was something that was done within the four walls but thanks to the social media, people now discuss babies publicly within the four walls of their Wall Posts. But that is not the saddest part. The most unfortunate paradigm shift brought by Facebook is that now a married couple sitting in the same living room shares a kiss through wall posts. Is Facebook changing our perception towards Privacy? Are we heading towards a world where intimacy is also going to be digitalized? How often do we brood over situations like these? But that is not the need of the hour and also not the worst part again. Social media like Facebook does offer a wonderful platform to make contacts and to communicate with friends, family and acquaintances but is biased and unfair in a lot of ways as well. Here Tech Entice takes a stand to point out the deepest secrets of Facebook.


1. Infidelity towards New comers:

Facebook is a tad bit iniquitous towards the new users. The updates from the new users are seldom displayed on their friends’ or friends’ of friends News Feed. No matter how many times he posts a status or comments on a photo or uses an App, he remains unnoticed thereby being a lost child in the big bad world of Facebook. Especially with the ones having more number of friends in their friend list than the number of stars in the sky, the new comers are almost invisible.

2. Secret of its choice:

If someone wants to be visible in the News Feed, one has to dig out ways where others can keep interacting with his updates. But wait a minute!! Didn’t we just discover that News Feed is only for the well established users of Facebook? Then how on earth will people know about his updates? Alas!! Another sad story for the new comers.

3. Top secret of the Top News:

The moment one logs on to Facebook, his Homepage displays a deluge of updates from his friends. This display is categorized into two. One is Top News and the other is Most Recent News. The idea about Top News in general is that it exhibits all those updates that the user will be most interested in. We feel sorry to announce this, but it’s a myth. Facebook extremely tactfully rules out those updates which might interest users the least and also the updates which might interest them the most. Reason being HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY. A user when finds an update boring is tempted to log out and at the same time, when he finds the update pretty overwhelming, he does the same. But Facebook isn’t ready to compromise with its revenues by losing a few more eye balls rolling on their site for a few more seconds.

4. Secret of the Most Recent News:

As the title suggests, it is quite obvious that we would expect all the updates on our HOmepage whether they make it to the top or not. But that isn’t the scenario here. The “Most Recent Feed” sometimes conveniently eliminates the status updates and even the photos or videos uploaded even if these are posted several times a day. Mostly this is done when it comes to the new users again.

5. Stalking doesn’t help the stalker:

No matter how much you peep into the other person’s profile repeatedly, it still won’t get you into his News Feed. You might waste hours in a day checking out his photos, reading his oldest updates and going through his profile from cover to cover still Facebook does no favor to you in turn. Although technically you are the one helping Facebook to earn those extra revenues. Seems symbiosis is not something that Facebook likes so much.

6. Stalking helps the stalked:

Constantly stalking a person makes that person more interesting according to Facebook and it prefers that person to be more deserving in appearing on the News Feed than the one who spent days and nights stalking him. Meaning if someone keeps visiting your profile, your updates, your photos etc anonymously, you are more likely to appear on people’s News Feed than your regular visitor thereby you being popular on Facebook on account of him.

7. Links Triumph over Status Updates:

No matter how interesting you believe yourself to be, Facebook doesn’t really trust you in that sense. You might think your status update to be extremely unique and eye catching but an even more lame status with a link says, “Excuse me, May I??”.. Well yes, Facebook does get a bit partial when it comes to links than the normal text status updates since it believes that no matter what the content holds, the link always engages more and more readers.

8. Photos and Videos Triumph over Links:

Facebook is so fond of the constant “click clicks”, that it can go to any extent for those. And that extension is photos and videos uploaded. It’s possible for you to miss your friend’s status update about his big announcement regarding his research paper being published but no way is it possible that Facebook misses out to pop up the pictures of your friend’s paternal aunt’s grandchild’s baptism that he uploaded few days back. And why not? Experience being the best teacher, it taught Facebook that when a user visits another user’s profile, he is interested in nothing else but the pictures uploaded by him.

9. Comments’ Empowerment:

Whenever you give a Wall Post or upload a picture and if it receives a few comments, you will find your post gaining popularity worldwide. Consider performing an experiment. Visit a friend’s profile and click on one of the oldest photo albums of his. Now select any photo and pass a comment. You will find either a deluge of comments or likes flooding in on the same day on that particular photo. Any particular reason? Well yes. Because Facebook gets an excuse to bring it into notice and get even more “click clicks”.

10. Down the DARK memory lane:

If asked for a gist one can say that Facebook is nothing but some dark memories from high school where the most popular kids were the only ones who got noticed and gained acclamations. It was the one little shy kid in the corner of the class room who was bullied and his opinion just didn’t matter. The users with 600+ friends being the most popular kids and the new users being the shy ones.

Thus we see here that Facebook is doing nothing but playing with some fools who in order to display their private emotions publically have surrendered to one of the many chapters of the world wide web which supposedly is tagged as a magnum opus invention. The secrets revealed above although not proven have been experimented over and over again giving the above results. Privacy is now a derogatory term with its worth declining each day in the name of SOCIAL MEDIA. Tech Entice has nothing against Facebook but what it does not want to come to terms with is the users who each day are making this slave their master. But again as they say, “You never know the worth of water till the well is dry”.

Aurisha Sengupta is a Software Engineer. Apart from technology, she is an insatiable art lover and a perpetual student when it comes to knowledge in any form.