8 Reasons 2FA is Essential for Remote Desktop (RDP) Security

Two-factor authentication goes by the more popular term 2FA and provides a level of redundant security that mimics redundancy used in military aircraft. A redundant system is a safety net that can perform the same task as a primary system. When the primary system fails, the redundant system takes over and enables the pilot to continue flying. 

The follow are eight of the many great reasons why you need to use 2FA to enhance remote desktop (RDP) security: 

Passwords are extremely vulnerable 

Passwords are the least effective means to protect a potentially vulnerable system but the one that people use the most. That adds up to a great deal of vulnerability. A dedicated hacker or hacking program can discover most passwords that protect various systems in about 6 hours, which makes it nearly impossible for a password-protected system to stay secure against a determined foe. 

Passwords often are used over and over 

Most people need passwords and personal identification numbers to access a variety of protected personal information, from credit card and bank balances to work accounts and more. Instead of using a separate password or PIN for each account, many people understandably use the same one for all accounts. That means a hack into one account can lead to a widespread hack into many and possible chaos. 

Hacking program accelerate password discovery 

Current hacking programs can run highly sophisticated algorithms that test millions of potential passwords every second. Such programs endlessly can continue searching for a correct password, which means a truly dedicated hacker can and will enter your system sooner or later if you only have password protection. 

Adds more security layers 

A 2FA system does much more than require a second password. Instead, it goes more deeply and can check IP addresses and similar data to help to affirm the location trying to access the system is a correct one. A more complicated secondary layer of protection against hacking. The person trying to connect still needs to provide at least two unique identifying responses to gain access while the program can affirm yet more relevant data to enhance the level of security. 

Customized authentication 

Instead of simply requesting an additional PIN or password, the 2FA system can require knowledge-based data, like a city of birth, mother’s maiden name, pet’s name, and a wide range of secondary protections. A rotating list of three to five personalized, knowledge-based responses make it less likely that a hacking program can breach your system. 

Increases productivity 

When you have 2FA configured on your RDP client, your remote work environment becomes much more secure. A more secure remote work environment means you do not need a large space from which to do business. Instead, you can network remotely and securely while boosting productivity. Greater productivity also means more exposures to potential external threats that your 2FA system helps to thwart. 

Reduces costs 

2FA goes a long way toward ensuring your network and connected computers are secure against external threats. Virtually eliminating security threats to your network and stored data helps to ensure productivity will continue unabated while eliminating any costs associated with fixing damage caused by an illegal entry into your computing system. 

Thwarts fraud 

Identity theft and similar fraud is on the rise and an ever-present danger to organizations and individuals alike. The enhanced RDP that a 2FA system provides is an effective defense against the rising tide of identity theft occurring in the United States and elsewhere. 

The eight reasons listed above are just several of the many good reasons to use a 2FA system for RDP protection. The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced many job providers and organizations to switch to remote working environments. 

The increased levels of remote work done to continue and increase productivity only makes systems more vulnerable to external threats. Without a suitable security protocol in place, consumers and organizations alike run a greater risk of loss due to hacking. A good 2FA system for RDP is a very efficient solution that undergoes continual improvements. 

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