iMessage Spams
iMessage Spams

30 Percent Of All Mobile Spam is Sent Through iMessage

It is an unbelievable fact that we came across about Apple that its famous messaging client iMessage is responsible for 30 per cent of the overall mobile spams that are being transmitted. Tom Landesman of Cloudmark, a security and anti-spamming company said that iMessage is the most lucrative medium for sending spas and said,” It’s almost like a spammer’s dream. With four lines of code, using Apple scripts, you can tell your Mac machine to send message to whoever they want.”

30 Percent Of All Mobile Spam Is Sent Through iMessage

The contribution of iMessage in sending mobile spam is as high as 30 % and the locations that are being targeted for the mobile spam messaging campaign are New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami.

What makes iMessage a favorite mode for spammers?

iMessage provides a smooth way for spammers to generate a list of iMessage users with iMessage networks. Whenever a new number is registered in iMessage, the app of desktop instantly notifies and it becomes easy for spammers to identify. Besides, spammers also get notifications when a message is read and so on. Registering for iMessage is very simple and you just need an email address
All you need to register for an iMessage account is an email address. So it’s very easy to interfere users privacy with silly spams

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