4 Useful Laptop Accessories You Should Own Today


Are you looking for ways to enhance your laptop in more ways than one?  Perhaps, you want to change its design, or you may also want to increase its performance. Either way, here are four useful laptop accessories you should start owning today:

Change The Laptop’s Exterior Looks With A Skin

Several laptops follow an industry-standard design. You’ll find a keyboard, a touchpad, and a screen on a clamshell architecture. But, many laptops follow industry-standard colors as well, such as black, gray, and white tones. 

Thus, it’s going to be tough letting your laptop stand out if it has similar looks with other computers. So, unleash your creativity by putting protective laptop skins on the device. 

Before choosing a laptop skin, however, ensure that you know the brand and model number of your computer. You can find these pieces of information on the rest pad or underneath the gadget. 

For example, you might have an HP Pavilion x360 (2018). You must know the brand and model number of the computer to ensure that your chosen laptop skin fits the laptop. Otherwise, the skin might be too small or too large, which might look awkward. 

You can now choose from a plethora of available skin designs once you know your laptop’s brand and model number. Select the skin that coincides with your style preferences. Some laptop skin categories you may find include sports legends, movie icons, and music stars, among many others.

Moreover, select a skin that can help protect the laptop’s exterior looks. Some skins are dust- and water-resistant, allowing your device to always look like it’s still brand new. 

Secure The Laptop With A Case

Several laptops don’t have a built-in carrying handle or case. Bringing the device with you as you head to your friend’s house or a nearby café can be challenging without a carrying case. Hence, you should own a laptop case to solve this dilemma. 

Cases come in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a case that’s slightly larger than your computer, but don’t purchase a smaller container. For example, if your computer has a 17-inch screen, you can use a 17- or 19-inch carrying case. 

Also, you may not be in the market for a laptop bag. If so, a sleeve should suffice to act as a case for the device. 

Save More Files With An External Hard Drive

You can already save a ton of documents with a laptop’s built-in storage. Many laptop manufacturers equip their products with 500 GB internal hard disks. But, some users find this storage capacity lacking. 

Replacing the internal hard drive might not be suitable since you need to open the computer to install the peripheral. So, purchase an external hard disk instead. 

Think of external hard drives as the larger cousins of thumb drives. While thumb drives can carry storage capacities of about eight to 256 MB, external hard drives can have capacities ranging from 500 GB to 5 TB. 

Save files, media, and software in this specific accessory. Furthermore, you can bring the external peripheral to your friend’s house, at the office, or the café to transfer files with ease. This accessory is ideal for different users, from laptop gamers to work-from-home employees.  

Keep The Laptop Cool With A Cooling Mat

Computers getting warmer isn’t a good sign. Overheating can damage internal components, which can lead to frequent crashes to broken parts. 

Protect your laptop from overheating by using an ergonomic and lightweight cooling mat. This particular accessory blows fresh air from the bottom and directs wind to the computer. In turn, it helps your laptop stay within reasonable temperatures as you continue gaming or working. 

You can find and use cooling mats with fans amounting from one to five. As a rule of thumb, the more fans, the cooler your computer can get. 

But, bear in mind that laptop cooling mats cannot solve all laptop problems. For example, one of the reasons that your computer is getting warmer is because it can’t handle the software you’re running. Think of it as giving the device additional stress to function correctly. 

Ensure that you know the software requirements for different apps. Otherwise, you’re still going to put your laptop at risk of overheating, despite the gadget attached to a cooling mat. 


The right laptop accessories can promote better experiences for gamers, employees, and casual users. Laptop skins, hard drives, and cooling mats will help enhance different functions of the computer. Still, ensure that you purchase high-quality peripherals to gain excellent value for money and reduce potential usage risks.  

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