Coding For Kids: Tips And Ideas For Parents

5 Easy Coding Projects For Beginners And Children

Coding For Kids: Tips And Ideas For Parents

If you are an emerging programmer, then you can start your journey of programming by these 5 projects, suggested by me, which could help you in boosting your inner skills in this field. So without delaying further lets go ahead. 

The 5 projects that could be best suited for beginners are as follows:

Creating a calculator application

One of the best known and interesting projects for beginners is and for the past decade has been the creation of a calculator app. The programmer gets to boost his skills in writing layouts, symbols, assigning logics that could read number, process information and so on. It is a slight challenging for beginners but would not take much time for you to start. It is expected that initially you may face errors, make mistakes but this would help you in developing your skills.

Creating an HTML5 website

On hearing this, it may sound simple and easy to most of the beginners but that is similar to just the way many people think an iceberg to be weak by seeing its tip. A programmer comes to know of a variety of new things such as web hosting, file linking, coding logic and many more. The greater effort you put in coding the better the website is (full-fledged one).

Building simple, interesting game such as checkers or chess

This is also another interesting project for any beginner as it would require the programmer to map the full board and program movement for various pieces. Preparing chess from Scratch is a challenging task for beginners and would get them prepared for bigger projects in the future.

Creating a proper slideshow using images

This project would teach programmers in establishing better interaction with Document Object Model in a variety of web browsers. This would be a project of great fun by initially creating a single slideshow and programming it to reduce work load depending on the job description. 

Designing any mobile app

A basic app designed for any mobile in either Android or iOS would be another enjoyable project, but to do this, the programmer or the beginner must learn Java or Swift for Android or iOS respectively. There are many offline and online coding classes for kids

Hope the article is useful for you.

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