How To Watch Marvel Movies In Order?

How To Watch Marvel Movies In Order?

Lockdown is becoming so boring for all of us right now, but what could we do? It is for our well being, so here I am back again with an idea which you can imply to overcome your boredom and spend your leisure time. This idea is nothing but just

5 Top Podcasts For Tech Lovers to Listen in 2020 

Best Audiobook Apps For Android

The era of groundbreaking discoveries and huge advances in technology has opened the door for more opportunities for the personal growth of everyone. Nowadays, there are many apps to learn languages, video tutorials about cooking, online business courses. Everyone eager to grow professionally or personally can find something for themselves. It’s

The Inspiring Journey Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Inspiring Journey Of Cristiano Ronaldo

A man once came across a little boy somewhere in Madeira, Portugal. He was crying so bitterly and upon asking, the reason unveiled, was his not getting selected for the football team’s first squad. The same boy was even thrashed by his teacher for his obsession for football and was told that football would

PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0: What’s New?

There is an arousing excitement among the fans of PUBG Mobile regarding the update 0.18.0 coming on May 7. Almost everybody knows about the main update (Mad Miramar) but not about the other ones. Read it to the end to find what is going to come to us. Main Update (Mad Miramar): The most underrated

How To Write An Impressive Blog To Increase Viewers?

Now, most people are taking up blog writing as a part time job or as their business. With the social media influence marketing agining momentum, blogging is becoming a necessity among them. However, the only focus while writing a blog is gaining large number of views by your impactful productive

Quick Tips To Overcome Procrastination

We all procrastinate! Some of us procrastinate more and some procrastinate less. Procrastination is the tendency to delay a scheduled work for a later time, for no convincing reason. For example, you have a school project to complete and you have 15 days for completing. Everyday you tell yourseld, "I

A Quick Tip On Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is actually a technology designed for managing all kinds of business relationships of your company with all other clients, customers, companies and so on. It helps improve profits, relationships with others, productivity etc. of a company or organization. It is one of

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Atleast Once A Year


Who in this world does not love to travel? Traveling gives an individual a variety of lessons to learn along with exploring the world. It also helps us in making new friends, gaining new experiences, building new stories and a lot more. It also helps in increasing our knowledge regarding

5 Simple Methods By Which You Can Sharpen Your Memory

We all know the one liner “Practice makes a man perfect” and most of us apply it in our life physically, that is by training and exercising hard, following examples and doing the other needful. Same applies for our mental development. Yes, there are even tactics for sharpening your memory

Tapplock One Plus Can Be Easily Cracked By A Magnet

Tapplock One Plus Can Be Easily Cracked By A Magnet

The flagship lock designed by Tapplock with the name Tapplock One Plus in 2019 is now found to be showing least security promise to its owners. The lock was as usual a lock with fingerprint security, but last week YouTube content creator LockPickingLawyer had published a video showing how he

Engineers Desigining 3D Medical Gear During COVID-19 Pandemic

3d printing medical gear covid 19

3D printers in college campuses have emerged out as producers of masks, visors and other protective gear as hospitals all around face a deficit. The production of visors had begun soon at Cornell University after the associate professor in the university’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Kirstin Petersen had received an urgent email which asked

How To Use Google Classroom?

online class

With the rapid digitalization of the world, the barriers of knowledge are being broken every single day. The concept of a traditonal is gradually changing, and student from any part of the world can have access to classroom of any other part of the school. it is highly important