Indoor Air Pollution: A Growing Menace


Whenever someone speaks of air pollution, we generally refer to the exterior part of it that is environmental air pollution and rarely to the indoor air pollution. The following are some of the sources of indoor air pollution: Cigarette Smoke: The most common sources of indoor air pollution are these residual gas and particles from cigarette

Neptune’s New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune's New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune  Neptune has a total of 14 moons. The largest moon is Triton which was discovered by William Lassell just seventeen days after Neptune was found. The Hubble Telescope had discovered the 14th moon in 2013 by the Astronomer Mark Showalter, a senior research scientist, through the images taken by that particular telescope. The presence of this moon increases the

Recycling: The Last Resort To Save Our Planet

At this present state of this world, people are facing a no. of problems in their everyday lives both environmentally and personally. Environmental problems are of more concern and must be dealt efficiently. One amongst them is the problem of dealing with non-recyclable goods mainly plastic.  India, facing such tough circumstances, resolved that it won’t accept

Do You Know The Mass Of The Milky Way?

Well, have you ever thought how big the Galaxy, in which we are living, actually is? How much does it weigh? We are least bothered to be honest. The Human Being, according to the Human Nature, wants to stay trillions of miles away from such complex issues. But modern technology has remarkably grown the