Top 10 Photo Editing Software For Photographers

Looking for some of the best photo editing applications? Well, then here’s your guide to it. By the words ‘the best’ a user generally means the top-rated software, comparatively simple and easy and with a large variety of options. Here are the top 10 photo editing apps: 1. Adobe Lightroom When it comes to photo

The Fascinating Flower Men Of Saudi Arabia

The flower men, the descendants of the ancient Tihamma and Asir tribes, known for garlanding their heads with beautiful flowers, resides in the southern provinces of Saudi Arabia. These fellowmen remained isolated until the last 20 years with all sorts of problems interfering electricity, roads management. The tribal laws were only followed by them.

Top 5 SmartWatches Of All Time

With the evolution of modern technology, everyone wants his/her very special gadgets to be ’smart’. Starting from phones, TVs and other technological apparatus we have reached at a point where there are growing a newly made craze for smart-watches. For the past few years Smart watches have become a very important gadget in our

Khonoma: The Story Of Courage And Nature

About 20km from Kohima, in Nagaland, lies the 700 year age old village of Khwunoria, which means local plant in Angami, also referred to as Khonoma. Covering an area of about 123 sq km, it is the residing place for 600 households with a net count of 3000 people, the state bird Blyth’s

10 Ways To Develop Problem Solving Skills

In our daily life, we are raided by numerous problems. These problems make you feel depressed, dejected and disheartened. So, if you don’t want to be tensed or stressed regarding the problems of your life, you need to develop problem solving skills in order to solve them. Here are 10

5 PC Games That Ruled 2018

Who does not like to play games? We play games whenever we get leisure time. The happiness we get at winning is unexplainable and so they win our hearts. In 2018, PC games that had won millions of hearts across the globe are uncountable. Here are the 5 popular games of 2018 amongst

Why Solo Traveling Is A Great Personality Booster?

solo traveling

Who does not like to travel? Whenever one gets any long stretch of holidays or even a short one, s/he starts planning for a visit to anywhere else with the accompaniment of others. But what about those who lacks company. It may not be possible that one or the other friend will be

The Supercomputer That Performs 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Operations Per Second

A supercomputer may be defined as a computer which performs at nearly the highest operational rate for computers. Many complicated, dangerous, expensive experiments can be taken virtually with such computers. Many testing of nuclear experiments such as measuring the parameter of blasts can be done virtually with the help of supercomputers. The govt laboratory in Illinois,

Time To Visit Mawlynnong- The Cleanest Village Of Asia


Mawlynnong, The Cleanest Village Of Asia Located on the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, 90km from Shillong, resides ‘God’s own garden’ – Mawlynnong. Mawlynnong is famous for being the cleanest village of Asia. It has been acclaimed since 2003 and still it is the cleanest village. The effort made by the residents to initiate

10 Activities To Boost Your Memory


The brain is the most powerful organ of the central nervous system among all vertebrates and invertebrates. The function of the brain is beyond our imagination, yet, to simplify, the most important function of the brain is to act as the centralized controller and coordinator of all organs of our body. The brain manages

MIT’s New Interesting Take On Cyber Agriculture

With the advent of the modern era, agriculture has also developed with time and so, cyber agriculture has evolved proving it to be more advantageous in growing an ordinary basil plant by watering it. The research was a result of a study by MIT and the University of Texas with an aim to improve

Apple Announces Apple Card Credit Card

apple credit

It has been announced during the Apple’s “show-time” services event that a brand-new Apple Card credit card that promises the improvement of things with normal credit card experience making it easier and simpler with no fees and low rates of interests would be launched. To get such a card, users need to sign up on their

Indoor Air Pollution: A Growing Menace


Whenever someone speaks of air pollution, we generally refer to the exterior part of it that is environmental air pollution and rarely to the indoor air pollution. The following are some of the sources of indoor air pollution: Cigarette Smoke: The most common sources of indoor air pollution are these residual gas and particles from cigarette

Neptune’s New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune's New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune  Neptune has a total of 14 moons. The largest moon is Triton which was discovered by William Lassell just seventeen days after Neptune was found. The Hubble Telescope had discovered the 14th moon in 2013 by the Astronomer Mark Showalter, a senior research scientist, through the images taken by that particular telescope. The presence of this moon increases the