Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient computing is an incredible invention in the world of computer. Ambient computing is A combination of hardware, software, user experience and machine-human interaction. It creates an invisible environment deploying artificial intelligence, motion tracking, gesture, wearable, machine learning, etc. The concept is different from smartphones, smartwatches that we have to check for use.

Ambient computing in our today’s life

If you have smart home setup, you can control all your electric and home appliances by asking a smart assistant. You speak to your surroundings and speaker will capture your words. The high end AI technology will analyze your command. Most common and useful example of Ambient computing is Alexa and Google Assistant.
Movement sensor is also available. When you step intro your home the sensor detects your movement and turn lights on.
An important feature of Ambient Intelligence is Internet of Things. In this case, network includes many objects and allows them to exchange data without human interaction. For example, if you are using smart appliances, you can customize them with your smart phone or voice assistant. A smart refrigerator can tell you the temperature of each compartment and which place is best to store a specific food.

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If you want to know soil condition in your farm with help of IoT, then the sensor will collect data on the measurement of soil condition and reports them over network. If you want data for each plant condition, set a sensor for every plant. It will set a unique identification number and make all your plant online.
In hospitals, IoT can be used as heart monitors in your clothing. It renders exact information to your cardiologist. Your doctor then sends the details of medicine to the pharmacist, who in turn sends signal to your smart watch, when your medicines are ready. The whole process will be an integrated and automated process.

Possibilities in Ambient Computing

Many features are waiting to be integrated in Ambient computing. Some device can tell your wake up time. May be some device will open your certain before you wake up. After waking up, move to your living room. A sensor in that room can sense your presence and starts to read the daily news.
Google works on the Ambient Computing desperately and tries to include more features to the environment.

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