What is the solar power supply system and what are its main benefits

What is the solar power supply system and what are its main benefits?

What is the solar power supply system and what are its main benefits

The solar system is a photovoltaic DC generator that uses the effect of converting radiant energy into electrical energy.  It happens due to the special  property of silicon crystals used in solar panels, which is their ability to be a semiconductor. Thus, sunlight falling on a semiconductor wafer knocks an electron from the outer orbit of a silicon atom, which creates a sufficient number of free electrons for the  emergence of an electric current. However, for such a source’s voltage and power to be enough for convenient use, one or two silicon elements are not enough. Therefore, they are assembled into entire systems and connected to obtain the correct  parameters for necessary current and voltage.

The main advantages of solar systems

  • long service life (25 years or more);
  • independence from technical malfunctions of the utility companies;
  • extremely low probability of solar battery failure;
  •  no need for constant maintenance;
  • free of charge energy (however, only after considerable funds invested in the system and its payback).

Choosing the right solar power system for your home is not  that difficult. It depends on such factors as the climate characteristics of the area, house design, and the amount of power that needs to be received. It is best to  go with an option that will generate no less than 40 to 80% of the power demand. Systems with lower efficiency  may not achieve payback. The correct design and the calculation of the production capacity of the combined system ?  and the average energy needs  guarantee that the house can withstand unpleasant surprises such as disconnection from a local source of electricity or prolonged cloudy weather. Yet, it is better to entrust these calculations to a specialist.

Before installing solar panels on the  roof of the house, make sure that the load on the roof structure will not be excessive. The correct operation of the solar system depends on its location, in particular on the angle of the cells’ inclination. The angle of inclination relative to the horizon should be about 30-45 degrees. However, if the photovoltaic  modules are installed on a pitched roof, this parameter will depend on its inclination angle. The correct option is to install the elements according to the position of the sun. This allows for getting the maximum amount of energy.

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