How To Choose A Printer For Your Home?

How To Choose A Printer For Your Home

The printer has now become very useful commodity in our everyday life. If you want to purchase a printer, a lot of questions pop up. Which is better? Laser or inkjet or photo. What specifications to look upon. In this article, we shall talk about important tips to know if

How To Check If Android Device Is 32-Bit Or 64-Bit?


Smartphones with Android operating system have two variants in terms of processor unit, 32-bit or 64-bit processor. Android with 64-bit processor is faster than 32-bit. If you work on high CPU consumption apps, such as gaming apps, or graphic designing apps, then it is always a good idea to use

Check Out The Best TV Streaming Services For You

Apple TV

Here is a list of the best TV streaming services, that you can enjoy this quarantine period. These services are meant for the US users. Some of these services are exclusively for USA. Check it out! Netflix High quality and add free streaming app, Netflix is full of its originals with

How To Block Group Invites In WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is extremely popular phone messenger social media platform. WhatsApp had been acquired by Facebook, a few years back, and since then, the app has been incorporating new security features. But, there is one annoying feature in WhatsApp, which had not been dealt seriously till now. It is the group

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives That You Can Opt


Putlocker refers to online file hosting sites that are based on entertainment. In 2011, the site was originated in United Kingdom. Putlocker is identified as piracy site. It has been blocked by High court of UK on 2016. Unfortunately, this site has been reported by the Motion Picture Association of

Top 10 Apps For Enabling Dyslexic Students Learn Quickly

Top 10 Apps For Enabling Dyslexic Students Learn Quickly

          Dyslexia is a genetic disorder of the brain that affects the ability to read, write and speak. They have difficulty to connect the letters they see and the pronunciation that the letters form. Symptoms of Dyslexia are slow reading, trouble with spelling and mixing up words etc.        Many

Top 10 Workout Apps For You To Stay Fit

Daily Burn

Nowadays fitness has become priority for most people. Therefore, exercise becomes a necessity for everybody. Now that most of us are locked inside out house, it is natural to develop a fatigue. It is important to work out in a planned way and under expert observation. But, owing to the

Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient computing is an incredible invention in the world of computer. Ambient computing is A combination of hardware, software, user experience and machine-human interaction. It creates an invisible environment deploying artificial intelligence, motion tracking, gesture, wearable, machine learning, etc. The concept is different from smartphones, smartwatches that we have to

How To Use TikTok?


TikTok is a social platform where people can make short videos with a variety of effects and share it with other social media. People can express their talent here through dancing, singing, lip-syncing and comedy. This app is completely used for entertainment purpose. Must Read: 5 Ways To Earn Money On

How To Change The APN Services on Android phone?

Change The APN Services on Android phone

'APN' is the acronym for 'Access point name' and is used to connect a phone to wireless services with all important information. Generally, APN is pre provided in a phone. All you need that just enter a sim card and phone will automatically detect the sim card and synchronized with

How To Activate Live Caption on OnePlus 8?

live caption

Live Caption is an especially useful and innovative feature recently introduced on OnePlus handsets starting from OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. Live Caption aids subtitles to be displayed for any audio. The Live Caption feature cannot transcribe lyrics from a song, but it has several interesting features. Important Features of Live Caption As soon as you play

How To Build A Virtual Marketplace on Facebook?

How To Build A Virtual Marketplace on Facebook?

Facebook is currently a major business and marketing platform where over a million users are engaged in various business and marketing activities. If you are an aspiring virtual seller, you can create your business page on Facebook with 'Facebook business manager' and can establish your own business with this social