apple pencil generation 1st

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

The first-generation Apple Pencil was launched in 2016 as a handy companion with Apple iPad Pro first generation. At that time, Apple Pencil was only compatible to the Pro model. Later on, the compatibility was expanded and now it works with iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and all Apple iPad Pro models up to 2018, i.e. the 6th generation. The Apple Pencil looks just like a normal pencil while holding and writing and has amazing precision when it comes to drawing and designing. In this article, I shall share my experience with using Apple Pencil first generation.

What’s Inside The Box?

The Apple Pencil packaging looks somewhat the same as that of the Apple Watch. It comes in a white box, which is subtle and sophisticated. Along with the Apple Pencil, you will get a Lightning adapter and an extra tip in case your Apple Pencil tip wears off due to rigorous use. There is a manual to guide you through the basics of using and maintaining the Apple Pencil. Other than these, there are some warranty documents.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

Build Quality and Dimension

The outer covering material of the Pencil is made of glossy hard quality plastic, and at the top, the Apple logo and brand name are imprinted on a metallic band. That end of the Apple Pencil has a Magnetic cap, which when opened, unveils the Lightning connector. This connector is used to connect to the lightning port of iPads for charging. The hard weight plastic body does not look as classy and royal as a metallic body, but its optimum weight is the reason why plastic is the ideal choice of material. The tip of the Apple Pencil looks exactly like the tip of a sharpened pencil. While you write, you feel like writing with a pencil.

The Apple Pencil magnetically attached cap at the end has some fine details in design, which is quite impressive. The magnetic cap has a weight at one side so that the Pencil will never roll and will stay at a place, with the Apple logo facing the top.

Now, coming to the dimension, its length measures 6.92 inches (175.7 mm) measured from tip to cap, with 0.35 inch (8.9 mm) diameter. The Apple Pencil weighs around 0.73 ounce (20.7 grams).

Features To Talk About

1. Connectivity

The Apple Pencil is a Bluetooth device and connects to your iPad by pairing the Bluetooth. This is done by connecting the Apple Pencil’s Lightning connector to the iPad’s Lightning port. You will get the prompt to pair the devices. Once you connect your Apple Pencil with the iPad, you are ready to go! Disconnect the Pencil and use it for writing, drawing, sketching, designing.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

2. Charging

Charging is done by connecting the Lightning connector of the Apple Pencil to the Lightning port of iPad. With a single charge, you can use the Pencil for 12 hours. While you connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad, you can check the battery status. Here, I shall say about one disadvantage. It is the charging system. You cannot charge the Apple Pencil while you are traveling, or while you have kept the iPad on a table. The Pencil pops out from the charging port in an awkward manner. A little incautious handling may damage the Apple Pencil. However, you can use a converter to make it easier for you.

3. Apple Pencil Tip sensor

The tip of the Apple Pencil has two main sensors, one is the Pressure sensor and the other one is the angle sensor. Both the sensors enhance the precision of writing and drawing. While the pressure sensor contributes in drawing bold and thin lines, the angle sensor facilitates the user to color, put shade and gradient on a painting.

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

4. Touch Sensitivity

The Apple Pencil is highly sensitive and precise. Thus, it won’t work in functions like sliding the notification bar.  The Pencil works only in functions which are extremely precise and delicate.


The Apple Pencil is a great companion if you have a iPad and you want to use it for writing notes, drawing and designing. It’s definitely worth the price. But if you do not have any such intentions, then I would not recommend you to invest a single penny on the Apple Pencil, because it is completely oriented to its purpose of writing and drawing, and is in no way, a replacement for a stylus.

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