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How to assign labels to Important mails in Gmail

We get so any mails throughout the day that sometimes it becomes immensely difficult to sort out specific important mails out of the large number of mails that we receive and send. So Gmail has introduced a new method of applying labels to mails. You can create labels with name such as Work, University, Examination, Meetings, Appointments etc and assign the label to the related mails. For example if you frequently attend meetings, then you would require to keep track of the mails. So assigning labels to the mails is the potential solution. Let’s know how to do it.

1. First check the left panel of Inbox. You will find an option called More. Tap on it. At the bottom, you will find an option called “Create label”. Select it.

Create label

2. Now in the new label field, type the name of the label you want to set.

Name label

4. You can also assign nested labels.

Nested labels

5. Now when you want to apply label, check the box beside the mail, then tap the Label option from above, select the label and click Apply.

Apply Label

6. You can view all the mails under that particular label, just by clicking on the Label name.

Show Labels

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