Google’s new notifications for Gmail warn you of security threats

Google’s new notifications for Gmail warn you of security risks

Google has provided a new way to boost the security service of Gmail by adding notifications for Gmail that will warn you against any suspicious URL when you are trying to open it. Few days back, we published an article where Stagefright hack could exploit an Android device in less

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

How To Block An Email Address In Gmail

Gmail has a good filtering system and it prevents your account from spam messages. For example the huge Prize money of $1 million from fraudsters. Even though Gmail efficiently chops off these mails from your Primary inbox, there are some mails which it cannot block. For example you get mails

How to assign labels to Important mails in Gmail

How to assign labels to Important mails in Gmail

We get so any mails throughout the day that sometimes it becomes immensely difficult to sort out specific important mails out of the large number of mails that we receive and send. So Gmail has introduced a new method of applying labels to mails. You can create labels with name

Extra Stars can be added for better Gmail sorting

Extra Stars can be added for better Gmail sorting

Stars in Gmail are used to flag important emails. Our Gmail accounts receive numerous mails out of which many are unimportant. So to differentiate between important and unimportant mails, we flag the important ones using Stars. These starred mails can be access under starred tab, so that you can easily

Verse- IBM’s new email service coming soon

Verse- IBM's new email service coming soon

Just after Google has launched its new Inbox mail service, an ameliorated version of the Gmail, International Business Machines or IBM has come up with another new solution for the email service- the online email named as Verse. The Verse email service is coming as soon as next week and

New updated Gmail for Android Lollipop with Material Design

New updated Gmail for Android Lollipop with Material Design

While Inbox by Gmail has grabbed most of the attention of users, Gmail is not lagging behind. Google recently launched a new app called the Inbox by Gmail app which would give you an entirely new experience for emails. Now the main Gmail is getting the new update. We

5 million Google passwords leaked, Google warns to change password

Gmail password leaked

Yesterday news came that millions of Google passwords leaked online to a Russian Bitcoin forum. The news went viral and the number of passwords tracked were as high as 5 millions. Google although states that they had no evidence of any server attack. But a typical peculiarity was seen in

To Gmail : Happy 10th Birthday – Tech Entice

Gmail's 10th birthday

Today is the tenth birthday of Google Mail service, that's Gmail. GMAIL was launched 10 years ago on this day, 1st April 2004 and has been reigning with every glory. It was the first of April that Google announced which seemed very much like a April fool prank but to

How to UNDO SENDING an e-mail in Gmail and Outlook


Whenever we send an e-mail, we cannot undo it if the message is already sent. On sending an e-mail, the mail client sends a copy of the message to the receiver whose e-mail server receives it and shows it in their e-mail client. So, this action cannot be altered when

5 Ways to Run Linux Software on Windows

Run Linux Software on Windows

Linux users frequently want to execute Windows software on Linux, but Windows users may want to execute Linux software, too. Whether you’re searching for a enhanced development environment or hefty command-line tools, you can execute Linux software without departing Windows. There are several different choices for executing Linux software on Windows.


enabling tabbed interface in Gmail

Google just came up with another feature in its Gmail – the tabbed interface in its Inbox. With the tabbed interface the regular inbox has been categorized into 5 sections – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updated and Forums. Under the Primary section, all the important and starred mails are listed. Also the